Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: What’s Going to Kill You First?

2nd December 2017

I have loved watching films like 28 Days Later and TV shows like The Walking Dead for as long as I can remember. While watching them, my thoughts often turn to my family and thinking how would we manage during an apocalypse. Before having a baby, I always thought I’d be the every man for himself type of survivor but as a Mum, your priorities change and now I think we’d be dead pretty quickly if the population of Liverpool turned into blood hungry zombies. But what would get us first?

Running out of food

Food doesn’t last for ever, even the tinned stuff in your cupboards has a relatively short best before date on it. What’s likely to kill you first? Eating something that has gone horrifically out of date or starving to death through lack of food? Data Label recently shared this interesting info graphic which shows how long certain food groups last for. I think if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, I’d be hugely regretting that I’m not still breastfeeding Dexter!

Getting eaten by a zombie

The biggest killer when watching series like The Walking Dead and films like 28 Days Later are the zombies. Fast moving and able to smell you a mile off, when they manage to catch you, they tear off pieces of your skin as they demolish you until nothing remains. The most memorable death scene for me was when Rick, his girlfriend and her kid were walking through the zombie mass but had covered themselves in ‘zombie juice’ so as to move around undetected. Unfortunately the young boy became paralysed with fear and was consumed by the zombies while holding onto his Mom’s hand. She was devastated and let herself be eaten too. Absolutely horrific, but I can tell you as a Mum, if my boy was taken by the zombies, I’d be right there waiting to be taken too.

Being murdered by another survivor

One of the reasons I’ve kind of gone off The Walking Dead in recent years is the amount of killing that goes on between the living. The most recent episode I watched saw our ‘heroes’ murdering innocent people in their sleep, simply because they wanted food from another ‘tribe’. Perhaps it’s because it seems all too real but I just found it sickening and hard to empathise with these characters I’d grown to love and know over many seasons. How horrific to have survived two years without much food and blood thirsty zombies wherever you turn to simply be killed by another human. Madness.

Burning to death

With the end of the world comes the end of the technology we’ve come to rely upon. Pictures of apocalypses usually show us numerous buildings on fire probably due to electrical activity or perhaps a survivor died while trying to build a fire which then got out of control. In any case, as an inhabitant of a high rise building in a city centre, my demise due to fire is quite likely. But which is worse, death by zombie or burning to death?!


Lots of survivors in these shows and movies end up killing themselves as they just can’t hack life in the new world. Perhaps they lost people they really loved or maybe they’re just really scared. I would hope that I would be stronger enough to overcome any depressive thoughts, but apocalypses can make you do crazy things!

What do you reckon would kill you off if there was a zombie apocalypse?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post


  • Hayley – Devon Mama

    3rd December 2017 at 9:55 am

    I’d be the first to go… I’d panic, eat all the food on day one and probably starve to death the next day!

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