• Dexter at eight months old in an ikea highchair wearing a sunhat at a busy bar in Mallorca

    Baby Led Weaning Snacks: A Collection of Ideas and Recipes

    16th August 2019

    When your baby reaches around 8-9 months, you may see that their milk intake drops slightly and instead they’re looking for a snack when they maybe used to be having a bottle or breastfeed. Finding the perfect baby led weaning snacks can be difficult – suddenly you’ve got to think about another couple of items…

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  • Baby Led Weaning Equipment: 11 Must Have Products

    2nd July 2019

    We have had such a great success with baby led weaning and I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely. It has been a huge learning curve: finding out what foods work, finding out how to effectively clean up the mess and finding the right products that work for us. Here I’ve compiled a list of baby led…

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  • BibaDo's logo

    BIBaDO Coverall Bib Review: The Best Baby Led Weaning Bib?

    9th June 2019

    Welcome to our review of the BIBaDO bib. We love baby led weaning and were so pleased to receive the BIBaDO bib, which we consider to be the best baby led weaning bib, to review. One thing I’ve written about extensively whenever I’ve talked about our baby led weaning journey is the mess. The mess…

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  • Baby Led Weaning Ideas | Spanish Food Perfect for Babies and Toddlers

    8th January 2018

    My husband and I love to travel the world and we decided early on that having a new addition to our family would not stop us from experiencing new cultures. Going abroad with a baby or toddler can bring a wide range of anxieties and apprehension: will we run out of formula? How am we…

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  • Recipe: Beef Burritos

    19th September 2017

    Red meat has had nothing but bad press over the last decade or so. We are repeatedly warned that it is bad for us and we should avoid it, but did you know that red meat eaten as part of a balanced diet is actually good for us? It is packed full of nutrients which…

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  • Toddler Meals // Easy Peasy Carbonara with Spinach and Chorizo

    7th September 2017

    I am always looking to craft meals with ingredients I already have in my fridge and cupboards. There’s nothing worse than wanting to make something yummy and finding you need to run out to the supermarket to grab a few essential ingredients. This toddler carbonara uses greek yoghurt, something I always have in; chorizo, another…

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  • Dexter’s 13 Month Update

    20th June 2017

    Another wonderful month has passed us by with our beautiful, clever and funny little boy who turns 13 months old today. What is new in the life of little Dexter James?

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