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This is Why You Should Be Nice to Your Landlord

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Maybe you always pay your rent on time and never complain; that’s great, but it does not exactly build a relationship with your landlord, does it?

Beyond being professionally polite and friendly to the person who takes your rent check, have a look behind the scenes to understand why you should be nice to your landlord. It just may save you money.

Landlord Tenant Relationship

Your landlord wants a good, professional relationship with you. You are essentially their customer, purchasing a service from them, and they are in charge of making sure you have a good experience.

The number one thing in any good relationship is communication, so know how to get in touch with your landlord and let them know what is important to you.

The last few English Housing Surveys have shown that one fifth of the UK population lives in privately rented property, which adds up to 4.7 million homes. This is double the amount compared to twenty years ago, with attitudes toward renting more positive than ever.

This upward swing on renting is down to a housing market that isn’t welcoming to first time buyers, but the survey also showed that most renters are satisfied with their housing situation and their landlord.

Energy Provider Choice

Energy efficiency of privately rented homes has improved over the past ten years, which is down to landlords making improvements like installing adequate insulation, adding solar panels, and updating appliances such as boilers.

However, your landlord is also in charge of where your energy comes from, so this is where your open communication comes in. As a tenant, or customer, suggest to your landlord that they investigate saving money by switching energy providers. Finding a better energy deal is as easy as entering a postcode, so you could even find the information out for your landlord before you have the conversation.

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Another area that your landlord reigns supreme over is your broadband supplier. You may be able to get a better rate if you bundle your broadband with your cellular service, so communicate to your landlord on the choice of suppliers for broadband as well. Visit a speed check website and make sure you are getting the best, fastest service possible. This will be of utmost importance if you have a home office or other obligation to have good communication structure at home.

Repairs, Major or Minor

Keeping your flat or house in a good state of repair is up to your landlord, who should ensure that all heating, electrical, and plumbing systems are working properly and provide prompt service when something goes wrong.

As a tenant, it may be tempting to call for every little thing that goes wrong, but keeping your communication to important, necessary topics is the best way to insure a good relationship with your landlord. While it’s fine to address minor issues yourself, be sure to stay in touch with your landlord, who wants to know when something may be about to become a serious problem.

Be a Good Tenant

Being a good tenant includes paying your rent on time, but it also means following any rules in your rental agreement, keeping your living space clean, tidying up the outside area, following rules about guests, keeping the noise level acceptable to those around you, and paying your utility bills on time.

Go over any questions you have when you sign your rental agreement, including minor questions about whether you are allowed to hang pictures or not or what modifications you are allowed to make.

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Communication is Key

Above all, make sure you communicate clearly with your landlord, including the specifics on your request and why it is important to you. Landlords are inundated with requests, so be sure yours is clear and to the point. Send pictures, if possible, of needed repairs or, in the case of switching energy suppliers, do your research and make a case for saving money.

Being a respectful, honest tenant will help you build a good relationship with your landlord that is mutually beneficial.

Share this post with your friends!