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Tips for taking care of your vision

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Are you doing everything you can to preserve your vision? It’s important to take care of our eyes, as without strong vision, we’d struggle to go about our daily lives. By taking care of our eyes, we can help detect vision problems before they progress and even prevent them from developing in the first place. Here we’ll explore some simple tips for taking care of your vision. 

Switch to progressive lenses

Have you ever considered progressive lenses? If you want to take better care of your vision, then understanding your vision needs is essential. Progressive lenses from are the number one choice for people who are both near and far-sighted. Instead of carrying around two different pairs of glasses and switching frames between activities such as driving and reading, progressive lenses mean you get everything you need in one pair of stylish and affordable frames. 

Progressive lenses have three different prescriptions in one lens. This allows you to see clearly at different distances. They may take a little getting used to, but many wearers claim that once this period of transition has passed, they’d never go back to traditional bifocals. 

Consider Blue Blocking lenses

Are digital devices a large part of your life? Whether you’re working in front of a laptop all day, you’re streaming content through your tablet or you are scrolling social media for hours on end, you may want to consider protecting your eyes from blue light. Blue light can play havoc with your sleeping patterns and your mood. Prolonged periods in front of screens can also lead to digital eyestrain so protecting your eyes makes sense! Blue light blocking glasses can help preserve your vision and keep your eyes refreshed and protected. You can also customise other lens types, such as progressive lenses, with blue light blocking filters. 

Get regular eye exams

Everyone should have their eyes checked every two years. However, if you do wear glasses and already have a prescription then your eye exams should be more frequent. Neglecting to have regular eye tests means you may be wearing the wrong prescription. This can lead you to become more susceptible to headaches and eye strain! 

Don’t forget to update your frames!

Of course, updating your prescription is vital, but updating your frames is another important aspect of vision care. Not only do new, high-quality frames ensure a better fit, but the right pair of frames is a simple way to boost your confidence and make you look and feel great! You’ll find a spectacular range of eyewear available at EyeBuyDirect. 

Remember: Always keep your face shape, skin tone and hair colour in mind when choosing your next pair of frames.

And finally, quit smoking

Are you still smoking? There are plenty of reasons to give up nicotine and traditional cigarettes, and preserving your vision is one of them! Smoking can impact the blood vessels in your retina, which over time leave you susceptible to vision problems. Stopping smoking will improve your vision and stop further damage to your eyes.  

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