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Tips to keep your hands velvety soft

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During the pandemic era, a powerful combo – water and soap – has risen to prominence. But this obsessive washing and using hand sanitisers left some of us with dull and flaky skin on our hands, sometimes even with painful cracks. It’s time to treat the skin to the best hand soaps, creams and masks available and get healthy, radiant skin back. 

Goodbye Dryness, Hello Black Mud

Black mud from the Dead Sea works wonders on dry, dull and irritated skin. The salt and magnesium in it remove impurities and dead skin cells and help create a better skin barrier and boost its functionality while nourishing the skin.

Dead Sea Mud full of nourishing minerals calms and gently treats skin with rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Try for example the luxurious Sea of Spa Essential Dead Sea Treatment bar soap which can also be used for facial and body cleansing and for treating acne.

At least once a week treat the skin on your hands to some extra care with black mud body scrub so the nourishing ingredients we get from all the lotions and hand creams can get deeper into the skin and do their magic. Let the Natura Siberica Tuva Siberica Black Mud scrub take care of the beauty of your hands.

Silky Smooth and Nourished with Shea Butter 

While washing our hands we need to be sure we are not stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier. Shea butter (also known as karité) is a moisturizing ingredient that has been extracted from shea tree nuts and thanks to its high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins it helps soothe and nourish the skin within seconds while we are scrubbing away all the dirt and germs. Our favourite pick is the L’Occitane Karité Hands & Body Ultra Rich Wash or the wide range of Karité bar soaps by L’Occitane which beautifully combine the shea butter with other nourishing ingredients such as milk or lavender. If you suffer from eczema, try the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Surgras soap for very dry skin which also contains shea butter as a soothing and healing ingredient.

After every wash, pamper your skin with a shea butter hand cream that will create a soft barrier locking in the moisture for several hours. The Jeanne en Provence Karité Miel hand cream absorbs quickly leaving the skin nice and soft. We recommend keeping it next to the sink, just make sure your hands are thoroughly dry before applying the cream. And do not forget to also “feed” your nails, the Saloos Bio Karité nail balm will restore and strengthen brittle nails in no time!

At least once a week we should treat our hands to a hand mask for extra moisture. The moisturizing gloves will beautifully nourish the skin in 20 minutes and some of these even allow you to use your smartphone while on, so indulge in some me-time every once in a while with Kocostar Hand Moisture Soothing and Hydrating Gloves. 

Herbs To The Rescue

Enjoy the power of herbs on your skin and let them take care of the irritations, dryness and skin rashes caused by frequent washing and anti-bac gel use. 

The gentle hand & body liquid soap by Australian brand Grown Alchemist contains soothing calendula officinalis extract combined with nourishing oils such as coconut and almond. 

The Polish brand Yope offers a wide range of vegan gentle soaps for you and your kids and each bottle has a beautiful eye-catching design that will stand out on every sink. The Yope Verbena liquid soap is made of 98% natural and minimally processed ingredients and your kids will enjoy the fun design of Yope Marigold liquid soap while learning the good habits.

After the wash, pumper the skin with Grown Alchemist Hand & Body treatment body oil with active botanical substances that restore and moisturize the skin while ylang-ylang, sandalwood and bergamot leave your hands with a pleasant scent for hours.

Hand sanitiser that also moisturises? It is real! Keep your hands clean while travelling with nourishing hand sanitiser Hydra-Gel by Grown Alchemist and wave goodbye to dry hands!

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