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Transferable Skills That You’ll Develop While Studying Law

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A degree in law is often associated with working in courtrooms, defending clients and working as part of a larger firm. However, a legal qualification doesn’t always mean that you need to follow a legal career. Many of the skills you pick up will be transferable to other career choices, and in this article, we’re going to talk about some of them.

Problem-solving skills

Studying law is challenging but can help to improve your problem-solving skills. This is because it involves a lot of research and information collection in order to identify and solve issues.

Communication skills

One of the roles of a lawyer is to be able to communicate effectively. This means you need to be able to speak and write clearly while also being persuasive and listening to others. These skills are easily transferable to other careers.

Legal understanding

An understanding of the law, even if only a general one, can offer you a greater appreciation for legal processes involved in things such as disputes and business operation.

Personal skills

Whether it’s becoming more self-aware or improving your networking skills, there are plenty of ways to apply personal skills to other career choices. Studying law is a fantastic way to improve your personal qualities and there are countless applications for them.

We’ve added an infographic below that shows a couple of the benefits of studying a Master of Laws degree and some of the skills that will come from it.

Infographic from University of Southern California

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