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Trouble Free Family Driving – 4 Perfect tips for a pleasant drive

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Going on a road trip with your family, you always wish for a smooth and peaceful journey. However, many a times you might have noticed a strange rumbling noise from your tyres.  No one wants to hear such sound from any part of their vehicle especially not from their vehicle tyres.  This may be because your vehicle tyre is getting worn out or has aged due to not being properly checked since a very long time.

Whether you are a regular driver in Shropshire or you are travelling to Birmingham, you need to take proper care of your car tyres. Many a times tyre care is neglected by a motorist and all other essential vehicle checks are prioritized. Every motorist should also give importance to a regular check of their car wheels and check for tyre’s wear and tear.

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Following are some important key notes to consider if you are checking your car tyres for the first time.

The most important check you need to look for is, whether the tyres have a balanced air pressure in them.  Tyres should not be over inflated or underinflated. Too much air pressure in tyres can affect the tyre’s rolling resistance on the road and might cause your tyre to burst in between the driving. On the other hand too little air pressure in the tyres can cause your tyres to flatten too quickly even before your journey ends. Therefore, tyre pressure needs to be checked at least once a month to ensure safety of your tyres.

Another important thing to check before driving on a longer route is the tread depth of the tyre. Tread depth of the tyre should be a minimum of 1.6mm according to UK safety rules. In areas like Birmingham with maritime climate there are chances of tyres rolling over wet road surfaces; tread depth prevents entering of water in the tyre, in case the tyre is contacted to a wet surface. Not just this but it also protects a tyre from sharp materials like stones or pebbles on the road. If you feel that damage has been done to your old tyres and you are looking to buy tyres in Birmingham you should look for Point S garages, their well trained staff will help you with all sort of tyre related problems.

Additional to this, a motorist should see the timespan of the tyre; this means whether the tyre has aged since it was last purchased. Many a times, reason for deteriorating tyres is that they have been purchased long ago and have not been changed since then. This causes the rubber of the tyre to deteriorate, due to longer rolling on road surfaces with different terrains especially rough and wet.

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The last thing you need to keep a note of is how you are storing your tyres.  You should keep your tyres in a shaded and covered area away from sunlight, so that the tyre rubber is always protected from exposure of heat on them. It is always sensible to stack tyres in a cool environment.

Therefore proper health of the tyre should be considered important alongside other vehicle quality checks to have a pleasant driving experience and to avoid unexpected halts in your driving.

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