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Updating Our Home: Bedroom Modification Plans – An Update

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In January I wrote a post all about our plans for the bedrooms in our home. We have four bedrooms – a master bedroom, a room for each of the boys and a spare room as well.

In the post I talked about our plans for each of the rooms, including concrete furniture plans – so where are we up to?

Progress has been rather slow thanks to me spending the whole year so far on maternity leave. I’ve wanted to move quickly but unfortunately lack of funds have meant we have had to just do bits as and when we can.

The good news is, the boys’ rooms are all but finished. Both have been decorated exactly how we wanted them, carpeted and for the most part all the furniture we wanted has been purchased. All that’s left is a chest of drawers for Felix and small bits like cute decorations for the shelves, nautical prints for Dexter’s wall and name signs to hang on the walls.

Felix’s Turquoise and Grey Nursery

Felix’s room was painted grey using Valspar paint and on the main wall I used masking tape and three different coloured greys to create mountains.

Felix's bedroom with grey and turquoise mountains on the wall, a big white cot and turquoise curtains

Painted turquoise and grey mountains behind Felix's cot

Felix's turquoise and white teepee shelves

Grey and white prints framed on wall

I purchased a toddler sized wardrobe from IKEA and a teepee shelving until from Homebase. The prints on the wall came from Etsy and the cloud lampshade came from Iconic Lights. Finally, the curtains which match the main turquoise mountain perfectly came from Curtains2Go, with the holdbacks coming from Dunelm.

This is what the room looked like before:

felix's bedroom before we moved in with purple walls, a blue carpet and a single bed

Dexter’s Nautical Toddler Bedroom

Dexter’s bedroom was painted white with navy stripes on the main wall. We’ve got all of his furniture from IKEA including kallax shelving, a huge wardrobe, shelves for books and a bedside table. His boat shaped bed came from Wayfair and his lampshade was purchased from B&Q. Finally, his curtains came from John Lewis and the holdbacks are the same as the ones in Felix’s room.

Nautical themed toddler bedroom showing striped navy and white walls, toddler bed, kallax unit and shelves

Nautical themed toddler bedroom showing

This is what Dexter’s room looked like before:

A shot of the toddler bedroom before the makover, a boy's bedroom with a union jack theme, red and blue walls and a union jack rug

The other rooms

Meanwhile, our bedroom hasn’t been touched and yet we are in desperate need of a new bed! However, I want to make sure the boys rooms are totally complete before I start saving for decorating costs for our room, a new carpet to replace the laminate and new pieces of furniture.

The spare room was designated as Neil’s bike room, however we’ve recently decided that we will in fact turn this into a spare room – for our sanity more than anything else so that we can have family to stay over if we want a date night once every couple of months. This room also needs decorating, a new carpet and a sofa bed (as it’s probably too small for a double) plus we may be able to squeeze in a desk so we can use it as a mini office too.

Sixteen months after moving into our forever home and progress has been slow on getting it to how we want it, however I am pleased that the boys both have beautiful bedrooms which are clean, comfortable and feel like a safe space for them. I will be returning to the workplace in the new year and will hopefully have more money to really get moving on finishing the bedrooms so we can move onto the garden ready for the summer!

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