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Updating Our Home: Lounge Update + Master Bedroom Plans Begin | AD

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It’s been a couple of months since we had our lounge decorated and carpeted and we’ve made a few more changes to this room to make it homely and cosy.

Meanwhile, we’ve also had our master bedroom decorated and the race is on to get this room finished before the summer.


We have furnished the room with two key pieces from Cotswold company – a solid wood TV stand and a matching white framed mirror. The mirror has really opened up the room which now feels huge.

We paid a visit to IKEA and placed a KALLAX shelving unit next to one of the windows, bought two frames for behind the sofa and a few decorations to put on the mantle piece including artificial plants and deliciously scented candles.

My husband has been finally won over by the idea of shelves and he’s even really open to the idea of lots more plants – artificial or otherwise! I am really excited to develop the lounge into a fully plant themes room with lots of green!

We have still not sorted curtains and are torn on the idea of shutters. I worry they could reduce the light in the already darkened room, but I think they’ll bring so much more character to the room than curtains.

We are also still yet to buy an ottoman which will serve as a footrest / coffee table. At the moment we are really enjoying the space in the lounge as Felix learns to walk, so we won’t be rushing into this just yet, although we’ve looked at sample fabrics and design ideas.

Master bedroom

Our bedroom is now decorated beautifully with Valspar’s modern grey! This is where the changes end, however and we have much to do over the coming months.

Neil managed to finally get the TV on the wall and it’s looking so neat and tidy! We are thinking of popping a floating shelf underneath it to home our Apple TV device.

The floor has been measured and the carpet has been ordered. As much as we love the solid wood flooring in the dining room, we don’t like it in the bedroom and will be so pleased to have warm fluffy carpet under our feet. We have decided to go with the exact same carpet as we did in the lounge as we love the colour and feel of it and it was so stressful choosing it, we can’t be bothered to go through that all over again!

We desperately need a new bed and are planning to purchase an Emporer so that both boys can fit in with us comfortably should they want to. These beds are huge but we have the space for it, so why not? We have visited a number of companies and are ready to purchase once the one we have decided on is back up and running after this Coronavirus pandemic.

Once we have the bed, we will be better fit to decide on what bedside lamps we want, which bedside tables and whether we will make a feature wall or hang some prints. It will all depend on how big the bed is when it’s in the room.

We will be finishing off the bedroom with a new white dressing table, a couple of shelves and of course new bedding for the new bed.

I really can’t wait for it to be finished and we will then be able to move onto our dining room, walk in wardrobe and garden!

Share this post with your friends!