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When Mum’s Gotta Work: Setting Up A Successful Home Office

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If you’re a busy mum who works from home as a freelancer, blogger, or you run your own business; it can be a challenge to stay motivated and ensure that you’re being productive during the week. There are plenty of distractions and potential disturbances in a home setting; from the kids, to odd jobs and chores that need to be done. It can be difficult to make sure that a short break doesn’t turn into something longer, and before you know it; it’s the evening and time for dinner and bed.

However, creating a productive workspace and home-office will help to boost your work and make each day more advantageous. Therefore, it’s worth spending some time and effort making your office, studio, or work area the best it can be, and investing in changes and upgrades for a fruitful, mum-boss future. The following are some ideas and tips for those whose home office space, and work routine, needs a push in the right direction for a bit of added productivity.

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Organise And Thrive

Maintaining a productive office is key to the success of the work you produce at home so that whether you’re reading a guide on forex trading or writing a paid blog post; you’ll be in an environment where work is your focus. Make sure you have your lists and calendar not only digitally, but somewhere written down, and insight too. Writing down notes and putting them where you can see them is a great way to keep on top of tasks and work that needs to be completed.

Backing your work up on more than one USB is another great way to ensure everything you’ve worked on is safe, and nothing gets lost. Back-up regularly to avoid a month’s work disappearing due to a computer crashing. It’s worth investing in a safe, lockable drawers or a cabinet, to ensure that your expensive items are at risk of family life, or theft. Put any cameras, laptops, tablets, and USBs that you purely use for work, in the secure, lockable storage and give yourself some peace of mind when you close the door to the office each day.

Decorate For A Boost

Your office should be a space where you can clear your mind and separate yourself from the rest of the house; you need to feel cool, calm and collected so that you’re ready to tackle your workload. Therefore, you’ll need to invest in a fresh coat of paint for the walls and ceilings, and ensure that it’s in a light, neutral hue, or even a cool, crisp white. A non-invasive background colour will help prevent brain-fog and headaches, and your thoughts will be able to run freely so that you can boost your productivity. You’ll also be able to add decorative touches, like artwork, ornaments, and photographs with ease, and the environment won’t appear to be too cluttered; which can also stifle your thought process.

If you’re working full time from home; the space will be a heavy traffic area, both from you moving around the area, and your office chair rolling to and fro, so you’ll need something that withstand the test of time and usage.


Share this post with your friends!