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Winter Wonderland – Winter family trip to London

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The winter school break offers some unique challenges that are not relevant to the summer months. For one thing, its a lot colder, which means outdoor activities are not quite as in-demand. However, one annual winter tradition that has been delighting Londoners and tourists alike for years now is the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, which might just be the perfect winter family trip.

Running from late November to early January every year, entry to the event is completely free, with various paid attractions and stalls, not to mention fairground rides and more. But just what is  it that makes the Winter Wonderland so special?

The size 

Christmas markets have become relatively commonplace in the UK over the last few years, but the Winter Wonderland is something else entirely. Whilst the German markets in Birmingham, Leeds and elsewhere are all certainly  worth your time, they cant help but compete with the sheer size and spectacle of  Hyde Parks offering. Its like comparing Disney World to a local funfair.

The rides 

Why pay through the teeth for Thorpe Park or Alton Towers when you can experience over 100 rides in the heart of London. The Wonderland boasts not only a range of family-friendly experiences (Ferris wheels, helter skelters, dodgems etc) but the largest transportable roller-coaster in the world!

The food 

Every year it seems that more and more incredible food and drink stalls are added to the Winter Wonderland roster. From Bavarian beer tents and currywurst to the latest and greatest in gourmet street food. The real draw, however, is always the mulled wine tent. Because nothing says Christmas like mulled wine!

The atmosphere 

There is an unmistakable othernessto the Winter Wonderland that feels like a legitimate transformation. Even if you dont want to spend your money at the various attractions and stalls on offer, it can be intoxicating enough top simply saunter around taking it all in!

The convenience 

Its literally located slap bang in the centre of London in the iconic Hyde Park, so its very easy to access. Add the fact that holiday apartments in London are that much cheaper in the winter months than they are in the summer and you have a perfect, affordable getaway for the whole family.

Everything else

You could quite comfortably spend an  entireweekend at the Winter Wonderland and still not see everything it has to offer. From the fantastic and unique shows like the Cirque Berserk and the Snowman to the various live bands and performances scattered around the season, there is truly something for everyone, regardless of how they might feel about the festiveseason. And thats before weve even mentioned the potential for last-minute Christmas shopping!

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