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Wonderful Ways to Boost Your Mental Health This Week

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How are you feeling today? Before you brush off the question with an automatic “fine, thanks!” have a genuine think about it…

Mental wellbeing should be just as important to you as your overall health. And these days, due to worldwide pandemics, political unrest, financial concerns and job worries, we need to be focusing on our mental health more than ever. So, how are you feeling today? 

Anxious? Worried about the future? Stressed? Mentally drained? Prioritising your mental health and looking after yourself is just as important as other aspects of health care, so read on for some wonderful ways you can boost your mental health this week. 

Remember: If you’re really worried about your mental health, then you should reach out to your GP as soon as possible. If you have a busy schedule or your GP is booked for months, you don’t have to put off your mental or physical health. A house call doctor can bring your appointment directly to you so you can get the care you need promptly.

Surround yourself with what makes you feel good

If stress in particular is taking its toll on your mental wellbeing, then surrounding yourself with positive energy and things that make you feel good should be your new priority. Listening to uplifting music, reading inspirational literature, spending time with positive people and decorating your home with pictures of happy memories, aspirations and loved ones will help you achieve this. You can make beautiful photo tiles with your pictures here, just click the link. Failing to take these steps to reduce the negativity in your life will make you more inclined to pessimistic thinking and stress! 


Socialising has become somewhat of a challenge due to frequent lockdowns, but you shouldn’t allow this obstacle to dictate who you speak to and how often you can contact your support network. We’re social creatures by nature, so long periods of isolation will quickly take its toll on our mental wellbeing. If you’re struggling to connect with people right now, make a schedule for phone calls, video chats and reply to messages when you get them. Ask friends and family to call you for a weekly chat, they might be feeling as isolated as you are.

Be wary of social media

Social media is great for keeping us connected, but it can also leave us feeling isolated and questioning our success and lives. It’s also jammed with negativity, trolls and misery (depending on the sites you’re following). That ten-minute scroll through your newsfeed could be doing you more harm than you think. 

If an account leaves you feeling miserable, if you feel worse after seeing someone else’s content, or you’re just constantly being exposed to negativity and hostility online, unfollow, block and take back control. Swap those accounts for something much more uplifting or have a social media detox

And finally, remember that sleep is crucial

We’re all spending more time indoors, which means we’re not moving our bodies as much as we should be. It also means prolonged periods using technology and looking at screens. These habits seem harmless enough but they can play havoc with your sleep patterns and the quality of your slumber. Poor sleep means irritability, stress and other issues such as weight gain and heart problems. 

Create a bedtime routine with your mental health in mind. This means a set bedtime every day and avoiding screens for at least an hour before your head to bed! 

Follow these simple tips and you’ll soon notice a difference in your mental wellbeing! 

Share this post with your friends!