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Your Summer on a Budget | 4 Simple Ways you can Watch the Pennies this Summer

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For many, summer means long days filled with endless sunshine, plenty of BBQs, picnics with friends, warm evenings and remembering to apply the sun cream! When you have little ones to entertain for the duration of the summer holidays it makes it even more exciting! What could be better than days on the beach, afternoons at the park and making lots of happy memories?

Having little ones to entertain throughout the warmer months of the year is both fun and challenging. Especially if you’re living on a budget. Days out to theme parks, zoos, water parks, sports clubs, the cinema and everything else they have their hearts set on doing, isn’t always kind to your budget (if you’re looking for debt advice then consider using Creditfix) so, with all this in mind I’ve come up with some super simple ways you can watch the pennies this summer and still have days filled with activities and many happy memories!

Read. Read and then read some more

Reading a book can take you anywhere. Which is why reading throughout the summer holiday will open up your little ones to new worlds, experiences and people! Whether you’re spending an inevitable rainy day indoors, or you’re heading out for a nice picnic or BBQ somewhere, encourage your little ones to take a good book with them! Not only will it keep their minds busy and occupied, but it will ensure that their reading skills blossom over the summer break.

Create your very own water park at home

This is actually easier than you might think! With days out to water parks often very pricey (and that’s before the burger and fries afterwards) so, recreate the fun at home. All you’ll need are a couple of paddling pools, some pool loungers or inflatables, maybe a sprinkler, water pistols even a slip and slide.. Put it all together and you’ll have a water park that they’ll want to share will all their friends! Add some bubbles to the water to make it extra fun or create some team racing activities!

Buy second-hand entertainment

You’ll be amazed at what people donate these days. So if your kids are feeling a little bored, take a trip to your local charity shop. Check out the books, donated video games, indoor and outdoor toys or even purchase some more clothing to add to their dressing up box. Buy a couple of DVDs rather than paying for a subscription service each month and have a movie night!

Plan your meals

A diary with a meal plan on each day’s surrounded by brightly coloured fruit and vegetables

Food is a major expense and it’s difficult to keep the cupboards full when the kids are at home! So, make sure you’re planning your weekly meals, the snacks in the cupboard and any picnics or BBQs you want to have. Make one pot meals and use the leftovers for lunch the next day. And don’t be afraid to shop at the discounted supermarkets or use supermarket own brands! You’ll save a fortune.

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