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4 Things To Remember When Opening Up A Store During The Pandemic

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Since the coronavirus pandemic reared its ugly head, we’ve seen the unfortunate loss of millions of businesses, and millions more jobs that went with it, not to mention the sad loss of many lives all over the world. Opening up your own store is extremely exciting, but since the dawn of the pandemic, it’s become harder for businesses to physically open their doors to customers. However, just because there are tighter restrictions, there’s no reason why your store won’t be successful! If you’ve got a brilliant business idea and plan on opening a store in the near future, look at these things to remember so that your business can open with a bang!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Build up hype about your new store

There’s nothing worse than the thought of opening your new store and nobody coming in to check out what you’ve got to offer. While in time, word of mouth and curiosity will spread, you want and need your business to be successful from day one. If your business is local to your hometown, take the time to build up some hype on social media, and ask your immediate friends and family to share your news so that people are ready for your imminent opening. 

Stand out on the street

If you really want to catch people’s attention, you need to give them a reason to look at your store. This means giving your store curb appeal, and you can do this with extravagant window displays, sign boards outside, and a sign that will turn heads. If you’re not sure how you could create an interesting window display, you can find out more at They can help you bring more foot traffic into your store which will then lead to sales for your business.

Provide delivery options

There are still some people that will avoid going into stores physically, and that’s completely understandable! While you have a physical store, there’s no reason why you can’t also sell your goods online. Create an online store and offer delivery options for potential customers. Not only is it convenient for those that don’t want to leave their homes, but it’s also another avenue for your business to make money. If you’re selling fresh food, you could hire some delivery drivers to ensure your goods are fresh when the customer receives them.

Create hard to miss deals

Finally, while you need to make as much money as possible – especially at the beginning – with your business, you also need to give people a reason to come to you rather than their favourite stores. Create special deals for first time customers, and deals that will keep people coming back time and time again. This will help create a concrete customer base that will eventually lead to word of mouth.

It goes without saying, but be sure to adhere to the regulations in your area with social distancing measures and PPE for you, your staff and your customers to ensure that your business will make it!

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