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    Tools you can use to secure better qualification and land a good job

    13th December 2019

    Taking the chance to update your qualifications every now and again is a good thing to do. In a world that is constantly changing, continuous learners thrive. They know that they can study, gain new qualifications and adapt. Over time, they become very good at acquiring new knowledge and skills that keep them ahead of…

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    What To Look For In An Employer

    11th November 2019

      If you are jumping into that big wide world of work after some time away, there can be a lot that you will want to think about. Getting the most out of your new job will mean finding an employer that will look after you. You may well be inclined to be more worried…

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    3 Things You Should Do Before You Write Your Business Plan

    14th October 2019

    Creating a business plan is by no means one of the easier parts of starting a business, but it’s a must if you plan on getting funding and people interested in what you have to offer. Below, we’re going to take a look at 3 things you should do before you write your business plan:

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    Maternity Leave: The Sort of Halfway Point…

    29th August 2019

    It’s been seven months since I started my maternity leave and I’ve still got another six months before I’m due to return to my role as a manager in a busy retail outlet in Liverpool. I’m sort of at the half way point now and it got me thinking, am I really making the most…

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    3 Top Quality Time With The Kids Ideas For Working Mums

    28th August 2019

    When you have to balance family life with work, it can seem like all there is time for is to get done the bare essentials for survival. Of course, that keeps everyone happy and healthy, but it doesn’t always leave you with as much time to spend having fun with the kids as you’d like.…

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    8 Benefits To Studying From Home

    29th July 2019

    If you’re thinking of starting a degree or course that requires you to study at home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when deciding whether or not it is the best choice for you. Although most people feel it’s better to get stuck in and learn on campus, there are so many incredible benefits to studying…

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  • Transferable Skills That You’ll Develop While Studying Law

    17th July 2019

    A degree in law is often associated with working in courtrooms, defending clients and working as part of a larger firm. However, a legal qualification doesn’t always mean that you need to follow a legal career. Many of the skills you pick up will be transferable to other career choices, and in this article, we’re…

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