• Felix fast asleep as a newborn

    5 Reasons to Choose a Water Birth

    15th July 2019

    I often reflect back on Felix’s birth as it was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. After a pretty difficult birth with Dexter, I spent months agonising about what the second birth would bring and whether I’d get the water birth of my dreams. There are so many reasons to choose a…

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  • Felix smiling sat in his pram

    One Month of Felix Led Weaning

    12th July 2019

    It’s been a month since we began our baby led weaning journey with our second born son, Felix. This is now where time seems to suddenly start slipping away at an increasing rate as the days flash by between bottles, naps and making and cleaning up three meals.

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  • Felix lying in a king size bed with white sheets sleeping

    Am I a Lazy Parent for Co-sleeping?

    11th July 2019

    Whenever I was asked if Dexter was a good baby, I always replied positively, gushing about how well he slept and what a joy he was to bring up. It’s funny how your memories are distorted and you forget about all those evenings you lay next to your baby with your hands on their chest,…

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  • Baby Led weaning spinach pancakes on a chopping board in the kitchen

    Baby Led Weaning Spinach Pancakes

    4th July 2019

    We are now on our third week of weaning baby Felix and I’m pleased to say it’s getting a lot easier! After a couple of weeks of him being totally disinterested in food, I’ve now got a baby who is willing to try anything and I’m now in my element in the kitchen!

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  • MixPix tiles featuring Felix on the wall

    AD | Review: Decorating our Home with MIXPIX

    2nd July 2019

    *Disclaimer: This is a paid for review in conjunction with My-Picture.co.uk, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Since moving into our home last August, we have loved having the freedom to decorate it exactly how we want it. This feels so liberating after years and years of renting and being constructed to living…

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  • Felix sat in Ikea Antlilop high chair eating baby led weaning raspberry muffins

    Felix Led Weaning: Week 2

    27th June 2019

    After a difficult first week, it’s safe to say I was feeling a little apprehensive and despondent about the second week of baby led weaning.

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  • Felix lying on grey carpet wearing a 6 months old vest

    Felix’s 6 Month Update

    26th June 2019

    Felix, you’re six months old! Whenever it is time to write another of these monthly updates, I always complain about how fast time is passing by, but this month, I cannot believe it’s only been a month since the last update, it feels like ages ago that you turned five months old.

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