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5 Budget Friendly Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Living Room

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Has your living room seen better days? Or, having spent so much time staring at those four walls over the past couple of years, do you just fancy a change? Use these top five tips to overhaul your living room and create a massive impact on a mini budget. 

  1. Change your colour scheme

One of the quickest ways to achieve a full room restyle is to switch up the colours, either on the walls or soft furnishings. Adding a lick of paint will instantly refresh the look of your room and give the entire area a face-lift. Why not go one step further and consider painting wooden floors too for a chic and stylish update. 

  1. Upcycle your furniture

Furniture upcycling is a great way to update your room on a budget whilst also getting points for sustainability. Replace cupboard handles, paint your bookcases a bold new colour or upcycle some scaffolding boards into a stylish set of hairpin tables for a cool, industrial look. Showcase your creative and individual side with interior design that doesn’t cost the earth (in more ways than one). 

  1. Pop some prints up

If you haven’t got the time or inclination to start stripping wallpaper or sanding down furniture, quickly freshen up your living space by adding a range of quirky prints or shelving and ornaments that reflect your style and tastes. Choose eclectic images or items in a range of sizes and mix and match second-hand frames for a unique and individual wall display. If daring colours on an entire wall make your eyes water, try brightening your space up risk-free with some bold pictures. Frames can be swapped in and out if you tire of trends or you like to decorate for different seasons, effectively revamping your room with very little outlay. 

  1. Clean up and clear out

It might sound obvious but clearing away the clutter will instantly give your living room the lift it needs without necessarily spending a penny. Try and organise your space so that everything in your living room has its rightful place and by the evening, the kids’ toys are put away and bits and pieces don’t litter the floor and sofa. Consider investing in some baskets to have on hand for last minute tidying at the end of the day to keep your living room tidy and stylish, just like you envisaged. 

  1. Decorate your coffee table

If you have a coffee table, let it take centre stage by decorating it with a variety of simple ornaments that won’t cost a packet. Add a couple of candles, plants or books that tie in with the rest of your room and mark the table itself as an artistic piece rather than just somewhere to rest your cuppa. As with the wall prints, alternate your coffee table décor depending on your mood and experiment with colour, textures and heights to get your desired effect. 

If you’re looking for ways to update your living room that will wow your friends but won’t cost a packet, thinking outside the box and getting creative is the way to go. Spruce up your walls with either a whole new colour scheme or add a pop of colour with a thrifty yet chic picture display. Upcycle your furniture for a completely new look without the completely new price-tag and enjoy the pride of making something new from old (and saving a load while you’re at it). 

Share this post with your friends!