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5 reasons to DIY!

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r beginners, the thought of DIY can be a little overwhelming. You might be unsure about the tools or equipment you need, or perhaps you struggle to picture your vision. But there are so many reasons to try DIY. From household essentials like skirting boards (see this Skirtings R Us online skirting board) to more creative tasks like a pallet bar, everyone can find joy in a DIY task. So, why should you DIY?

Save money

Being good at DIY means you get to save money. This is because you’re not paying professionals to fix, make or install an item – you do it yourself. Plus, if you’re creative and like thinking of new decorative items, you’ll probably spend less time browsing the stores. You’ll know that you can make something much better and at half the retail price.  

Achievement and creativity

Nothing beats the sense of achievement you experience when you finish a DIY task. Seeing the entire process through from beginning to end feels extremely rewarding, especially when it looks exactly how you’d imagined. Like running a race, you’ll know that your hard work has paid off and that you are entirely to thank. You’ll also get to be creative in a way that you simply can’t anywhere else. Nothing is “right” or “wrong” in DIY. You are powered by your creative mind and nothing else.

Unique pieces

Doing DIY allows you to make things that are entirely to your own taste. You call the shots, and you decide how you want your creation to look. This means that you’ll be able to have a home that is completely unique to you, and you have items that no one else has. Gone are the days of friends asking where you bought something and then going and buying it too. This means that everything is a “you original”. Cool, right? 

Stress relief

Alongside the end result, the physical act of making can be extremely therapeutic. DIY provides excellent stress-relief because you must be incredibly focussed. Your mind is distracted from the difficult day you’ve had, and you must focus solely on the project at hand. Just be aware that DIY can also be stressful if you’re not in the right mind-set. If you’re feeling overly stressed or tired, don’t operate heavy or dangerous machinery or do anything too strenuous. Consider taking the night off and taking a fresh approach the next day.


When you decide to DIY, you pick up a variety of new skills. You’re constantly learning and adapting, and each finished project takes you one step closer to becoming a DIY pro. As a beginner, the thought of using a drill or even a screwdriver might seem daunting, but you’ll get over that in no time. With the help of instructions, video tutorials and other DIY fanatics, you’ll become a skilled creative with a bunch of tricks up your sleeve. There’s nothing better than picking up a new skill, and a DIY pro is always learning.   

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