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7 lighting ideas and solutions for anyone who is scared of the dark

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While many of us search for solutions to make bedrooms darker to help us get a better night’s sleep, there are many who spend their evenings looking for ways to light their homes because they’re scared of the dark. If the latter applies to you, keep reading for 7 lighting ideas and solutions for anyone who is scared of the dark. 

  1. Avoid the blackout blinds 

Blackout blinds are ideal in children’s bedrooms, and for those who work night shifts and require a dark room for them to sleep in. But when it comes to children or adults who are afraid of the dark, they’re best avoided. Because they block out all kinds of light, anyone who is scared of the dark will find themselves without relief from the darkness.  

  1. Invest in a night light 

A night light is a great investment for anyone who isn’t comfortable with complete darkness and needs a little something to put them at ease. Whether you opt for a plain nightlight with a dim glow or a brightly coloured fun one, having a nightlight to take to bed is sure to make anyone feel a little more comfortable in a dark room.

  1. Consider fairy lights 

In the same way that a night light offers small amounts of light into a room, fairy lights provide enough light to be comforting without bathing a room in colour. The majority of fairy lights can be set to a timer so that once the individual is asleep the lights will turn themselves off. 

  1. Glow in the dark stars 

A fun lighting solution for someone who is scared of the dark is a packet of glow in the dark stars. Usually obtained for children, these sticky stars can be easily applied to the roof and walls of a bedroom to make them feel a little easier about being in an otherwise dark room. 

  1. Lava lamp 

The beauty of a lava lamp is that it offers only small amounts of light but also acts as a distraction for anyone who is scared when being in a dark room. Being able to watch the balls of light slowly bounce around the lamp is enough to calm anyone into a soothing night of slumber. 

  1. Regular lamp 

If a lava lamp is a little too distracting, a regular lamp might be just the lighting solution for you. Pagazzi Lighting Solutions offer a wide range of different lighting options, so whether you’re afraid of the dark yourself, or helping a child or friend, you’ll be sure to find something that helps, and also doubles as a useful evening or early morning light source.

  1. Leave an outside light on and the door open 

If the idea of having a light inside a room is too much, but equally you’re afraid of being in a dark room, leaving a hallway light on and leaving your bedroom door ajar is the next best thing, allowing a little light but not preventing you from getting a good night’s rest. 

And there you have it – 7 creative and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions for anyone who is scared of the dark.  

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