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8 Tips to Plan a Smoky Mountain Family Vacation with your Pet

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Taking a trip to the Smoky Mountains is truly one of the most mesmerizing family vacation experiences. Such a trip allows families to spend quality time with each other while enjoying the magical views & beauty that the Smoky Mountains offer. 

Family vacations are much more pleasant when you plan them effectively. Plans should include a structured outline of places to visit and experiences to explore while leaving room for taking on excursions on the spur of the moment. Any family vacation plan can become even tougher to coordinate when you want to take your pets along. Taking your pet on a family vacation in the Smoky Mountains isn’t a complicated process, but you need to care for a few essential things. 

You could go ahead without charting every step on your itinerary, but you should make arrangements to acquire tickets to popular entertainment spaces. Also, it is always better to be safe than sorry and find out which venues allow your pet to tag along. So, if you have a proper plan, you will know what you can do and make appropriate arrangements in every instance during the family trip. 

Remember that planning a vacation doesn’t have to be tiring or cumbersome. Focusing on the core essentials can lead to quick and efficient vacation planning. The following nine tips will help you plan the best family vacation to the Smoky Mountains with your pets! 

  1. Accommodation 

Accommodation can be a major concern for anyone traveling with their pets. However, the Smokey Mountains are a great vacation spot for pets, especially dogs. You should check out the pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg that offer the perfect accommodation for families with pets. Also, a good idea would be to find kennels in the area that can house your pet, especially dogs, while visiting a venue unsuited to dogs. If you plan to visit the Dollywood theme park, it is best to make a reservation for your pet at the Doggywood kennel adjacent to the theme park. 

  1. Vaccinations of your pet. 

If you want to take your pet on a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains, you need to ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. Vaccinations safeguard the well-being of your pet and also of those around them. 

Vaccines are needed to ensure the welfare and health of your pet. Your pet may be exposed to any number of things during the vacations. Some venues and destinations require specific vaccination that your vet can guide you about. So, it is better to take your pet to the vet, get a clean health bill, and ensure that your pet has got all the essential vaccinations done. You will need to take your pet’s vaccination card on the trip with you. This tip is crucial for planning a perfect family vacation to the Smoky Mountains with your pet! 

  1. Bring enough pet food. 

Many people have pets that require some specific food brand for health or other reasons. During your family trip, you may not be able to locate the required range of products or shopping locations and, therefore, won’t be able to purchase food for your pet anywhere. 

We suggest that you pack enough food for your pet that will last the entire vacation. It is always a good idea to pack more food than needed in emergencies. 

  1. Medicines for your pets. 

Pets often require medications for various health reasons. If your pet needs medications, too, you should buy and pack an extra supply of them for the family vacation. You can also contact your vet and ask them about other emergency-based medicines your pet might require to visit the Smoky Mountains. 

The health of your pet matters the most and if you want your pet to have a good time and enjoy the vacation to the full, then make sure you pack the right medications. 

  1. The pet-friendly attractions. 

Of course, taking your pet on such a vacation is to ensure they get to enjoy too. In the Smoky Mountains, there are a lot of pet-friendly attractions where you can take your pet. So, other than the attractions that will entice you, make sure you plan some special trips to locations suited to your pet. For instance, pets ride for free on the Smokey Mountain River Rat, a fun, leisurely floating adventure down the river. There are two pet-friendly hiking trails in the Smokey Mountain National Park that are most suitable for dogs, so you and your canine friend can explore the woods together. 

  1. Have an extra leash. 

It is very common for pet dogs to chew through their leash. You won’t want their leash chewed up while you are on a hiking adventure in the Smoky Mountains. So, it would help if you always pack an extra leash or two to ensure you don’t have to worry about it during the vacation. 

In the Smoky Mountains, you want to have efficient control over your pet, so make sure you select the right leash of the best quality. The recommended length for the leash is 6 feet. Anything longer than that would reduce the control you have over your pet while walking around. 

  1. Old blanket for pets. 

During the first few nights, it is common for pets to feel restless in a new environment. To ensure that they get the rest they need, you should bring an old blanket they can use or might have used in the past at home. 

This forethought will help your dog get a bit of an “at home” feeling and help ensure they get quality sleep. So, pack your pet’s favorite blanket and toys so that they have something home-like in the new environment. 

  1. Comfortable car ride.

Traveling long distances in the car can be uncomfortable for many pets. Humans and animals are equally susceptible to anxiety and car sickness while traveling. Suppose your pet gets tired because of traveling. It can lead to a bad mood, making the overall experience unsatisfactory for the pet and, ultimately you. It would help if you made arrangements to soothe your pet’s stress and took frequent breaks to make the ride comfortable.   

8. Take breaks between activities.

While we can go from one enjoyable activity to the next with ease on vacations, our pets can’t do so. You might see your pet feeling lazy or less energetic at times, which will indicate that you need to take some time off to let them rest a bit. 

We do not mean taking an entire day off, but rather 30 minutes or an hour’s break between various fun activities will be enough to make sure your pet does not feel tired. Schedule your activities during the vacation to the Smokey Mountains with breaks. 

The Bottom Line!

Planning a family vacation suitable for pets can be easy with a few tips. As you can see, taking your pet on a family vacation is not a complex task, but there are some issues that you need to consider while making arrangements for the trip. You need to plan trips to the vet and arrange medications and vaccinations. If you plan to travel by car, make a plan that accommodates your pet’s preferences. Any accommodation you arrange in the Smokey Mountains must have a pet-friendly attitude. Locate venues and facilities appropriate for pets so they can join in on the fun activities.  

These are not complicated matters. All it requires is a little foresight and a carefully thought-out plan, and you will be able to enjoy the most successful & amazing family vacation with your pet in the Smoky Mountains! 

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