• Baby Led Weaning: Your Burning Questions, Answered.

    18th July 2017

    I see so many Mums on the internet who want to try baby-led weaning, but have so many fears, concerns and worries. I am such a huge advocate of using this method to wean babies that I wanted to answer some of them here. I can’t promote baby-led weaning enough. It has been amazing to…

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  • Baby Led Weaning: Quick & Easy Toddler Lunches

    30th May 2017

    This week my husband is off work for the first time since my return to work after maternity leave so he is in charge of looking after and feeding Dexter. Dex is 12 months old now and can tackle a wide range of foods and meal, but I wanted to make things easy for my…

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  • Our Baby Led Weaning Journey at 11 Months Old

    30th March 2017

    I can’t believe it has been five months since we started our baby led weaning journey. What a passage it has been. We started with lots of soft foods back in November, mainly pancakes and muffins, offering one meal a day before building it up to where we are today.

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  • Baby Led Weaning: High Iron Foods for Baby

    16th March 2017

    One of the main reasons why it’s important to start weaning at six months is because babies’ stores of iron begin to run out. They will get a lot of their daily iron requirements from their breast milk/formula but it is important to ensure we are also offering iron rich foods. Here is my guide…

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  • leek and potato soup for babies in a blue bowl

    Leek and Potato Soup for Babies

    11th March 2017

    It Today was one of those cold grey days and I just felt like making and devouring a warm soup. I have never offered a soup to Dexter before. To be honest, I was completely terrified of the mess that would come with it, but since using the BIBaDO, I have become a bit more…

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  • Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Baked Pancake

    27th January 2017

    As I am sure my regular readers are aware, we love a baby led weaning pancake! We’ve tried banana pancakes, sweet potato pancakes, scotch pancakes and now we have this baked pancake recipe. This baked recipe is totally baby led weaning friendly. There’s no added salt or sugar; it uses unsalted butter and the fruit…

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  • Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Simple Scotch Pancakes

    21st January 2017

    We are big fans of banana and sweet potato pancakes, but sometimes it’s nice just to have the old fashioned kind! This simple scotch pancakes recipe is dead easy, using ingredients you should already have in your cupboard/fridge. They are super delicious and nice and soft for baby. These will also be great for when…

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