• Felix fast asleep as a newborn

    AD | Promoting Safer Sleep with Bounty & The Lullaby Trust

    2nd December 2019

    Becoming a parent for the first time is bewildering and extremely scary. It doesn’t matter how many prenatal classes you go to, nothing prepares you for the anxiety inducing, guilt ridden, sleep deprived foggy days ahead of you when you are sent home with your newborn baby.

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  • Felix wearing a Fox hat being carried by dad in formby pinewoods

    A Growth Spurt, a Leap, Multiple Illnesses and the 10 Month Sleep Regression

    27th October 2019

    It’s been over a month since Felix last slept through the night. I hold my hands up to you Mamas whose babies have never slept through – I don’t know how you do it. Kudos to you, really. Because I am at breaking point.

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  • Felix using the Infantino Prop-a-Pillar tummy time support in the kitchen smiling happily

    AD | What to Do if Baby isn’t Hitting their Developmental Milestones

    27th September 2019

    This week we had Felix’s 8-12 month developmental review with our lovely health visitor. I always sort of dread these ‘checks’ because as much as I know he’s a content and healthy baby, it’s always a bit nerve wracking when you receive the questionnaire and you realise he’s not doing every single thing listed on…

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  • Felix fast asleep as a newborn

    5 Reasons to Choose a Water Birth

    15th July 2019

    I often reflect back on Felix’s birth as it was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. After a pretty difficult birth with Dexter, I spent months agonising about what the second birth would bring and whether I’d get the water birth of my dreams. There are so many reasons to choose a…

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  • Felix lying in a king size bed with white sheets sleeping

    Am I a Lazy Parent for Co-sleeping?

    11th July 2019

    Whenever I was asked if Dexter was a good baby, I always replied positively, gushing about how well he slept and what a joy he was to bring up. It’s funny how your memories are distorted and you forget about all those evenings you lay next to your baby with your hands on their chest,…

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  • Baby Led Weaning Equipment: 11 Must Have Products

    2nd July 2019

    We have had such a great success with baby led weaning and I’ve enjoyed the experience immensely. It has been a huge learning curve: finding out what foods work, finding out how to effectively clean up the mess and finding the right products that work for us. Here I’ve compiled a list of baby led…

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  • Felix sitting on daddy’s lap in a white sun hat

    Leap 4: The Wonder Weeks Mental Leap at 4 Months Old

    2nd May 2019

    We are knee deep in The Wonder Weeks’ fourth mental leap and cannot believe the change in our baby over the last couple of weeks. We sailed through leaps 1-3, with hardly any fussy periods whatsoever, but leap 4 has really come to bite us on the butt. Our sleepy and content newborn son has…

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