• Nicola holding Felix against a brick wall background

    Professional Tooth Whitening, is it Worth the Money?

    13th December 2019

    In a word; yes. However, ending it there could make this the shortest article ever, so let’s explain things in a bit more detail. You have two choices when it comes to making your teeth whiter; buying a DIY kit and doing it at home or taking a trip to a dental practice. Chances are…

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  • A Life Update – The End of Maternity Leave + Redundancy

    13th December 2019

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal post, and now seems as good a time as any as we quickly approach Christmas and the New Year.

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  • A diary with a meal plan on each day’s surrounded by brightly coloured fruit and vegetables

    Turning Your Finances Around In 2020

    11th December 2019

    What were your financial goals this year? Had you planned to save more? Pay off your debts? Start investing? 

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Save Money

    6th December 2019

    We all know how expensive this time of year can be. Whether you go big every Christmas or you work hard to stick to a strict budget, you are likely to be spending more money than you do on average throughout the year. It’s not just the gifts either, it is the food, the nights…

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  • Dexter covered in cranberry sauce at Christmas time at seven months old

    Don’t forget to enjoy yourself – a busy mums guide to enjoying Christmas

    5th December 2019

    They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and when you have little ones to enjoy the festive season with, it’s definitely true! However, in the run up to Christmas, it can be difficult to actually enjoy the festivities and celebrations, especially when you have so much to plan, organise and get ready…

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  • How Does Gap Insurance Work

    27th November 2019

    Gap insurance is not something you may have heard of, but it can be very valuable and worth considering in many cases. Should your car be written off or stolen and there is a difference in value between what you paid for the vehicle and what your insurer will pay out, Gap insurance would cover…

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  • AD | Shifting the Baby Weight with DietBon Weight Loss Meals

    26th November 2019

    I’ve talked before on here about how I’ve not quite shifted the baby weight the same way as I did after having Dexter. A lack of willing, the fact I’m drinking alcohol this time and a general sort of ‘who gives a stuff‘ attitude means that nearly a year after giving birth, I’m still around…

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