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Choose the Right Sofa According to Feng Shui

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The well-known Chinese practice of Feng Shui teaches people to live in harmony with the outside world, in accordance with the laws of nature and the universe. According to this system, the form of upholstered furniture, its arrangement in the room and its cleanliness affects the mood and self-awareness of a person, his state of health, prosperity and success. If you are not ready to limit your freedom and fantasies with a set of ancient Asian rules, we advise you to just listen to our recommendations. You will see that they are valuable enough and you will be happy to follow them.

Rules for Choosing a Sofa According to Feng Shui

  • The main rule of Feng Shui is the streamlined shape of the sofa, where there are no sharp corners and sharp edges. Rounded and streamlined objects are more pleasing to the eye and have a positive effect on people living in the house, as well as their guests. Upholstered furniture according to Feng Shui, should have the “correct” height. For a sofa, this is 105-110 cm. The seat height should also be small, about 38 cm. The presence of legs on the sofa is necessary – for the free flow of “qi” energy so that there is no discomfort and a feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • When buying a new sofa, it is advisable to dwell on the upholstery of a muted color; a beautiful, non-contrasting pattern is also allowed. A good choice is chinchillas, velour or micro-velour, if it is a jacquard or tapestry, then patterns and ornaments with smooth lines or waves are welcome.
  • Choosing the right location for upholstered furniture is also important. It is better to put a sofa along the wall with armchairs and a small coffee table. Such a composition of furniture promotes the exchange of positive energy between the owners of the house and their guests. The center of the room in Feng Shui should be free, you can not put a sofa in the middle of the room, because this arrangement prevents the flow of positive energy “qi”, causes financial problems and family troubles;
  • The functionality of upholstered furniture is also of great importance. A sofa is not a place to store unfinished crafts or unnecessary clothes. This contributes to amorphousness and constant procrastination. Clean sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, towels are stored in niches for linen. You cannot leave the sofa unfolded for the whole day. This makes household members drowsy and lazy.
  • Sofa cleanliness is of major importance for transferring positive energy into the house. Professional upholstery cleaning services will help you maintain your home a happy and peaceful place, where to relax with your family. Prolux Cleaning will help you clean your sofas according to Feng Shui. In the cleaning procedures, Prolux cleaners use only eco-friendly preparations and this is the safest way to preserve your home clean.

Feng Shui about Old Sofas

Chinese teaching does not recommend buying used sofas, including antique products. Indeed, the real history of this furniture is unknown, and the new owner risks inadvertently letting in the negative energy of events and the fate of its past owners. However, those who inherited an old sofa from close relatives do not need to worry. According to Feng Shui, on the contrary, it will protect the house from adversity and contribute to prosperity and well-being. It is a good advice, if you inherit some pieces of upholstered furniture, to use professional upholstery cleaning services in order to “clean” their negative energy.

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