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Dealing with mental load

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That feeling of being drained, tired and that we are about to collapse and yet we still have to continue because our day is not over…

The mental burden of all the tasks that we have to do every day every week often deprives us of some of the pleasures of life. Many times this burden takes away precious time for our family, hobbies, friends and ourselves.

Mental load is a much broader concept than an overload of chores. We can define it as the combination of two types of work: cognitive work and emotional work.

The cognitive aspect of mental workload involves planning, listing and organization. Making a list of everything is not really a mental load but when we add the stress of who will make the Christmas dinner, the guests and how delicious it will be, that is where the emotional part plays an important part with our anxiety.

How to reduce the mental load?

The easiest way to reduce stress, which is a consequence of mental load, is to trust professional people who will provide us with a five-star service. We must look for a domestic cleaning service that has quality equipment and experience. In this way, we will be able to lighten our tasks and rest more.

Hasn’t it happened to you that because you’re thinking about the next task, you burn your favorite t-shirt? Haven’t you ever just wished someone would come along and do all that tedious ironing for you?

The mental load is a drain on well-being. We cannot deny that it is a health problem and nowadays it is even more present after the pandemic. The emotional anxiety built over time often leads to depression or strong consequences on our health.

And that is why we have to find solutions that alleviate the anguish of everyday tasks. Seeking help from our partner or from someone else is very important and does not mean that we cannot do “ all the” things. On the contrary, when we treat our time as the most valuable thing we have, then we realize seeking help adds up hours for all these things also needing our attention.

You can choose to be stress-free. You can choose to live freer and happier. In this way, we become owners of our time…

When we think of mental load we think of the whole cleaning list. And if we also add the deep cleaning scheduled in the year, we realize that it is difficult to prioritize these cleaning tasks because they are all equally important. For example, Deep cleaning goes further to get rid of dirt. A deep house cleaning will also drastically improve yours and your family air quality

How to explain mental load to husband or partner?

When it comes to the mental load of household duties, it is important to share the burden with your husband or your partner. Cleaning the house and taking care of the kids can be a lot for one person to handle, so it is crucial to have a good system in place to make sure both parents are doing their fair share. Here are some tips on how to reduce the mental load with household duties:

1. Make a list of chores that need to be done each week, and assign them to each parent. This will help ensure that both parents are doing their fair share of the work.

2. Have regular check-ins with your husband to discuss how the chores are going. This will help to identify any areas where one parent is doing more work than the other.

3. Take breaks when you need them. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the mental load of household duties, take a break to relax and rejuvenate. This will help you to be able to better handle the tasks at hand.

By following these tips, you can reduce the mental load with household duties and create a more equal partnership with your husband. Cleaning the house and taking care of the kids doesn’t have to be a one-person job – it takes a team effort to make it all work!

Thinking about how to share the mental load with household duties?

If you are thinking of sharing household chores, why not try to hire a professional service near you?

Are you looking for a domestic cleaning service?

What we are really looking for is a professional service that helps us to keep our house clean and tidy. That is why Wecasa offers you its best cleaning services !

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Wecasa home cleaning company is flexible to make your life easier. We have the best professionals so that you can enjoy being with the family and other activities that you like to do. It’s a simple and practical online cleaning booking for a one -time or recurring cleaning.

The domestic cleaners are here to help with all the household chores:

  • Kitchen cleaning, including appliances
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How about delegating some of these tasks ? Go for a professional cleaner to do a complete in-depth home cleaning, from the ventilation to the refrigerator. In order to choose your home cleaning service you can easily book professionals near you on the App. You can also request tailor-made services 😉 .

Tell us how you deal with the mental load in your household?

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