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Do Any Stains Affect Vinyl Flooring?

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Nothing is more embarrassing than having to cover up unsightly stains on your carpet or lasting damage to your wooden boards when a guest comes over for an evening. 

We tend to find ourselves apologising for how our home looks to visitors as if our home’s appearance in other people’s eyes is a monumental judgment. If you want to remedy this and impress your friends, you can look at the option of luxury vinyl flooring for a durable, cosy and professional look. It sure leaves a great feeling of relief after those nights of entertaining friends.

Spill Factor

When hosting an evening with friends you probably look forward to the evening of wine and food ahead – but not so much those times when food or drink tends to spill over to your floor. 

With Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring, you don’t have the drama of the dreaded red wine splashing a permanent mark on your carpet or floorboard – a simple wipe with a cloth or a warm soapy sponge cleans it up effortlessly. No need for your guests to be embarrassed and want to pay for the repair job, no worry of wine seeping through to your subfloor as it has built-in liquid resistance. Everything is absolutely fine and you can simply carry on with the fun.

Also, with its cushioned durability, it would be much more likely for the glass to bounce instead of shatter. Relief in knowing you won’t be stepping on any small shards many weeks later.

Touch of Style

Setting the style and tone of your home for a welcome to houseguests is among the first things you have on your desire list.

Options such as light or dark woods that give a natural and polished vision certainly set the mood off the intended way. Also, you could swing towards a look of classic stone that is indistinguishable from the real thing. There is nothing like showing off your unique style.

If you want to go for a more creative aspect to your flooring there are plenty of ideas to throw down, or even mix things up and display your personality. You want your home to reflect your personality by embracing a unique look and feel.

What is the Overall Appeal

Quick-Step flooring is a low-cost alternative to hardwood, laminate and carpet and the benefits also are due to its anti-scratch properties as well as being a perfect companion piece to underfloor heating. 

With its stronger levels of durability, you will find that the need to replace portions of the floor doesn’t happen constantly, which is good for saving money on renovations as the year progresses. You also have options in having a glue-down or click-together assembly where the pieces can be cut to size leaving no leftover parts occupying the storage room.

Having a personal project appealing to those loving a bit of DIY will be a welcome challenge and with vinyl being easy to install on your own, you can save on having a professional look without paying out for a professional to do it.

Luxury vinyl flooring, such as dark grey vinyl flooring, is a great way to make friends welcome and provide long-lasting satisfaction within the home. When it comes to alleviating the stress of stains and design layer damage, vinyl flooring is not phased in the least.

Share this post with your friends!