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Do custom air filters help with children’s allergies?

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One of the primary reasons homeowners invest in custom home air filters is to ensure their living space has filtered air. Air filters help remove and filter common air contaminants like dander, dust, smoke, and allergens. 

Each year, children suffer from seasonal allergies. Allergies in children have increased by 35% over the last few years: clearly, this isn’t going away. 

The good news is that custom air filters and air purifiers can help your family and children fight allergies. Air filters help eliminate fine particles like dust and dander that vary in size and quantity. 

Indoor air pollution is a serious health threat. It can cause respiratory problems, heart disease, and cancer. Air filters can offset these air pollution threats. They can remove harmful particles from the air and improve your indoor air quality. You can go here to learn more about custom air filters. 

Do You Need Air Filters To Fight Against Allergies?

The air within our homes is made up of microscopic particles and liquid particulate matter, which can be of different sizes and textures. We breathe in these particles throughout our day-to-day life, which can trigger children’s allergies. 

Air filters are designed to remove these airborne irritants that can affect your allergies. Allergies can be seasonal or a response to smoke or dander. When allergies trigger your immune system, you may start exhibiting symptoms like coughing, sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, fatigue, and aches. 

Unlike a cold or the flu, which are caused by viruses, allergies go away when the allergens are removed. 

How To Tell If Your Child Has Allergies

If your child hasn’t been feeling good for a while, especially if it’s always around the same time every year—allergies may be the culprit. Different allergens are triggered at different times, and spring allergies could be triggered by tree pollen, while grass typically triggers summer allergies. In the fall, your child may suffer from ragweed pollen, and winter brings cedar and mold.

Allergies can happen at any age, even as young as two. Since they can occur in any season, it’s in your best interest to filter allergens as much as possible to keep your child comfortable. After all, allergens can disrupt sleep, resulting in sick days and impacting your child’s mood and performance. 

Invest in Custom Air Purifiers To Protect Your Children

Allergy air filters can help reduce allergens of different micron sizes and shapes. 

Air filters capture contaminants and particles when air travels through the filter. The air filters help purify the air in your room and home by keeping the pollutants out of the HVAC system—and away from your loved one’s respiratory systems. 

Not all air filters can combat seasonal allergies: you need one to capture fine particles, like pollen. Custom air filters with a HEPA filter might be just what you need to filter your entire house, catch pollen particles and dust mites, and eliminate potential allergens. 

Interested in Learning More?

Investing in allergen-reducing air filters can significantly improve your child’s asthma and respiratory issues. 

If your child has allergies or asthma, exposure to particulate matter like dust mites, mold, pollen, or pet dander can worsen their condition. Any time we spend inside our home, we should consider improving the air for ourselves and our loved ones. 

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