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Easy Ways To Create The Perfect Nursery In A Rented House

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Renting a home is a useful way to keep a roof over your head while you save for a deposit on your own home or in between buying and selling.

While the flexibility it offers is useful, one of the main downsides is that you can’t usually redecorate or make lasting changes to the property since you don’t actually own it. 

Some landlords are more lenient than others, but most won’t let you make a significant change to their property, so you’ll have to find ways to make it your own temporarily using your furniture and temporary decorations. 

For new parents, designing the perfect nursery can be challenging in a rental home. The design of your child’s nursery can affect your infant’s development, so it’s vital that you create a stimulating, calming and comfortable space for your little one. 

To help you design the ideal room for your baby, without risking losing the deposit on your rental property, here are some simple ways you can personalise the room for your precious child. 

Decorate With Wall Stickers 

Peelable wall stickers can be an easy way to design a stunning nursery for your little one without repainting the walls. High-quality vinyl nursery wall stickers from Walluna are easy to apply and remove, so you can transform your nursery and then revert it back to the way it was when you leave your property or when your child gets older. They come in a wide range of styles and colours, so whatever your preference, you can find the perfect decoration for the walls of your nursery. 

Hang Cute Artwork 

Artwork is another way you can personalise the walls of your nursery. While wall stickers act almost like wallpaper, artwork in frames can be a more traditional approach. Consider finding some original artwork from a children’s designer or getting a print of a piece from a renowned book series. For example, Beatrix Potter created stunning watercolour portraits of the animals in her stories, and these can make an amazing addition to any nursery. If you don’t have hooks already in the walls, try using command strips to hang the art, as these can easily be removed when they’re no longer needed. 

Personalise Your Nursery Furniture

Nursery furniture can be incredibly expensive, even for mass-produced items. Still, these products have to be high-quality and made from robust materials, so you might find that you’re left with generic-looking pieces. For wooden nursery furniture, a coat of fresh paint could be the answer. For metal items, like changing tables and storage bins, you can try covering them with a printed cloth to create a rustic look. You’ll then be able to make your nursery feel like your own and make it fun to do even messy and unpleasant tasks, like changing nappies or putting away dirty onesies. With personalised, upcycled nursery furniture, you get not only a great statement piece for your nursery but also a fun project to enjoy before the baby arrives. 

Add Fairy Lights  

Harsh lighting can make your nursery look and feel clinical and unwelcoming. Also, babies often feel comfortable with a little light in their room but won’t sleep well if you keep turning the light on and off while you check on them. Instead of using a large lamp, consider adding strings of fairy lights to your nursery to give it a soft glow. Fairy lights come in various shapes and styles, and you can wrap them in various ways to create the perfect lighting design for your child’s nursery. When you leave the property, you can take the lights with you, as they’re just plugged into the wall and not fitted. 

Before your child arrives, you need to create the perfect space for them to relax in. Your baby’s nursery isn’t just for them, especially not in the beginning. When they’re young, it also needs to be somewhere you can feel proud of and comfortable in while you’re taking care of your little one. Use these tips to transform a nursery in a rental home without risking the wrath of your landlord.  

Share this post with your friends!