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Family travels with fussy kids – 4 ways you can ensure everyone enjoys their holiday

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We all love our home comforts and there are some things we just prefer to have in our lives! There is, however, a fine line between enjoying your favourite things and being reluctant to try anything else. Having fussy little ones can be stressful at any time, however when you’re making plans for your annual family holiday, travelling with a fussy child can really increase those already high stress levels!

Understanding why your little one is being fussy will help you to keep calm and ensure everyone enjoys their holiday. Whether it’s getting on a big, noisy plane, staying in an unfamiliar environment, different sights and smells, toddler jet lag and tiredness are all ingredients that culminate in a fussy, irritable child. So, read on for 4 tips for traveling with fussy kids.

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Keep them entertained on the plane

Is there anything more stressful then trying to keep your kids happy and content whilst feeling additional pressure from other passengers. Travelling by plane means a lot of waiting around, confined spaces and general boredom. So, make sure that you’re prepared. Before you hit the airport, build up the air travel element by making it seem exciting and share with them what they can look forward to when they arrive. Putting together some activity packs, filled with colouring books, pens, tech, stickers and toys will also help. If you can, opt to travel during times they normally sleep!

Make sure your hotel is child friendly

When choosing a hotel, its easy to be enchanted by the size of the pool or the luxury of the rooms. However when choosing your accommodation, look for a hotel that is happy to help you keep your children happy and entertained. Hotels with kids clubs, child friendly areas, speciality menus, on-site doctors, plenty of modern play equipment and supervised activity sessions are ideal. In addition, consider the location of your hotel imperative. Choose a hotel that is in close proximity to conveniences such as shops, ATMs, pharmacies and entertainment; it will help everything run a little smoother.

Pack with your kids in mind

Favourite toys, blankets, pyjamas, even hair ties, shoes and towels, if there are certain items that will make your child’s holiday a little more comfortable, then remember to pack them. It can be frustrating, but don’t deny them the comfort of home especially if they’re heading abroad for the first time. You’ll feel a sense of relief when they finally settle down cuddling their favourite toy after a busy day in the sun. 

Bring their favourite snacks!

I know people who bring their favourite brand of teabags on holiday with them. So, don’t be afraid to pack some of your child’s favourite snacks. Healthy and familiar foods that you can just grab and go are perfect for little ones who are a little cautious of new foods. 


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