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Felix’s 4 Month Update

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Felix you are four months old! So much has changed since the last update, I can’t believe how much you grow every single day. Here is what’s new now you are four months old.

You are still a massive fan of sleeping. I honestly thought you might have reduced the amount you sleep by now, but you still spend the majority of the day asleep. You wake for the day at around 7am, drink eight ounces, and then if we are staying at home, you’ll go back to sleep until around 10am. If we need to take Dexter to childcare, you don’t get your nap until 8.30am and you then sleep until 11am.

Felix using the Infantino Prop-a-Pillar tummy time support in the kitchen smiling happily

It’s then time for another bottle, another eight ounces. After being awake for an hour, you sleep again until 1pm, have another bottle and then you sleep allllll afternoon until 5pm! You have a bit more awake time, another bottle and are usually asleep for the night by 6.30pm. You sleep all night until the following morning. We no longer wake you for a dream feed and once you are asleep for the night, there’s no disturbing you, unlike during your naps during the day.

Nicola holding felix in baby carrier while dexter eats a chocolate covered marshmallow in camp smokey

If Dexter is at home and making a racket, you find it so hard to get to sleep. We try to sneak out of the room when you do finally fall asleep, but you hate being alone and you wake pretty much immediately. We’ve had a few evenings recently of ‘witching hour’ as you’ve simply not had enough sleep during the day. However, they don’t last long as we know you just need extra help to fall asleep and we rock and cuddle you until you feel safe enough to doze off. We don’t care if you sometimes need extra help to sleep, because you always sleep so well in your Chicco each evening once you get there.

We gave up the dream feed after our trip to Bluestone when I was solo parenting you and Dexter. One night I made a bottle and fell asleep before I had chance to give it to you, you didn’t wake up at all. When we got home, Daddy still insisted on doing the dream feed for a few more nights because he was a bit scared you’d wake up- but eventually he realised that by waking you up at 11pm, it was seriously disturbing you and taking you a long time to get back off to sleep, so he soon agreed to stop!

Grandpop holding Felix at four months old and both smiling at each other

You have five bottles a day and take around 30oz. If you haven’t had this amount by 7pm, it doesn’t matter if your last bottle was only an hour ago and you necked eight ounces, you will scream for more, then sleep all night. One evening you drank twelve ounces before bed because you’d skipped a bottle during the day. You really are a clever little baby.Neil holding Felix and giving him a kiss on the nose

You are really fattening up and getting really long. You are wearing 3-6 month clothing and are super alert when you are awake. You are no longer our newborn baby. I haven’t had you weighed for a while but you are gaining weight well and I have no worries. You still suffer a little with cradle cap, but we have a special shampoo that is starting to help.

Nicola sat on teal sofa kidding felix on the head who she is holding in her arms

You are knee deep in Wonder Week’s leap 4 now and love examining your hands, a muslin cloth, people’s faces and watching what your brother is doing. We tried you in your activity centre this week but you’re still a bit wobbly so we’ll leave it a bit longer. You haven’t rolled and are quite happy flapping at toys and being held. You try to talk to us and you smile constantly. You are the happiest little boy.

Nicola babywearing Felix and Dexter sat on a bench in Mere Sands Woods

We’ve switched you to the big pram now, but you still lie flat in it as you’re not quite ready to sit up yet. You spend so much time sleeping you are a little behind where Dexter was at this age, he was sitting and rolling by now, but I don’t care, I want to keep you as little as possible for as long as possible! We love having you in our lives little man. You brighten up every day.

You can read Felix’s previous updates here.

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Hayley | Devon Mama

Sunday 14th of April 2019

He's growing up so fast! I swear he was only born a minute ago... what a gorgeous boy though, both him and his big brother! x


Sunday 14th of April 2019

Happy four months, Felix! I can't believe how much he sleeps tbh - I am slightly jealous because my little one rarely napped, even as a newborn


Sunday 14th of April 2019

He's such a gorgeous little boy. I loved my smiles when I met him! Xx