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From the U.K. to the entire world: best flight destinations under ten hours

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Expanding your travel horizons is sometimes necessary to learn more about the world you live in. Getting outside the border to more exotic locations or even fewer famous ones will count as a life experience and prepare you to become more accepting when it comes to people of different cultures and traditions. Considering how other people are, you’ll gain more wisdom as you try new foods and get accustomed to diversity in countries totally different from the U.K. 

Travelling to these destinations usually takes a lot, and remote areas are even more challenging to reach if you don’t have friends in a foreign country or speak the language. However, with technology’s help, anyone can go almost anywhere with the help of a reliable internet connection and some maps. So, if you’re up for some adventure, here are the best places to visit from the United Kingdom. 

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Antigua in the Caribbean region 

Ever dreamt about becoming a pirate and stealing from the rich to give to the poor? Well, even if Jack Sparrow isn’t your favourite character, you can still visit the Caribbean, and the perfect place to do so is Antigua Island. With a limited area and population, the location takes its importance from the English Harbour site that’s protected under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. For this reason, Antigua is home to one of the most extensive and impressive charter yacht shows, where super-yachts participate yearly in competitions. 

Besides yachting, the place is a great spot for sports, such as windsurfing, soccer and golf, given the touristic side of the island. Hence, many notable residents famous for their sportive performances lived here, such as Curtly Ambrose, S.D. Jones and Andriy Mykolayovych Shevchenko. 

You can take a direct flight from the U.K. to Antigua that takes about nine hours, so you could limit your stay there for a few days if you’re up for a quick trip. Therefore, you can leave your car at a parking Stansted lot safely and at an affordable price rate. 

Dubrovnik in Croatia 

Craving for some European adventures? Well, flying to Croatia takes only about three hours, so you can really reach it in the blink of an eye. Dubrovnik, the country’s historic capital, is the best place to stay if you want good weather and excellent food. At the same time, most locals speak English well, so you won’t feel like a foreigner there. Croatia is a developed country, so visiting it is necessary because it offers varied entertainment services, food experiences, and cultural events.

Of course, when in Dubrovnik, you must definitely see the walls of Dubrovnik and the Old Town because they’re a staple to seeing the well-preserved Mediaeval part of the country. You’ll have a better look at the entire city if you take the cable car, but you can easily reach important points by foot, such as Fort Lovrijenac, the Pile Gate and Lapad. 

Having a rapid trip there is easy since Croatia is closer to the U.K., so compare the parking prices at to decide when it’s the best time for travelling on a budget. 

Florida in the USA 

The American culture is definitely different from the English one, which is why seeking the American dream at least once in your lifetime is worth it as an outsider. We chose Florida especially since it’s a contrast of climate compared to the U.K. since it has significant and hot beaches, local oranges and the sandy coral island of Florida Keys. Hence, it’s a really exotic vacation where you’ll brighten up a little bit and forget about the cloudy days of England. 

Florida has so many activities that you’ll never want to leave. For instance, if you’re travelling with your kids, the family-friendly themed parks offer so much fun for the little ones with rollercoasters and massive waterslides. You can choose between Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Legoland. 

But besides having fun, you can also learn more about the world in the multiple centres in Florida. For example, some of NASA’s rockets are launched at the Kennedy Space Center. Then, you must visit the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park to learn more about European history in the U.S. And don’t forget to drive over the Florida Keys, a beautiful chain of islands surrounded by the bluest waters. 

Corfu in Greece 

You haven’t truly lived if you’ve never been to Greece, the country with one of the richest histories in the world. This is also one of the most affordable travel destinations from the U.K., even though it takes at least three hours to get here. Even if you’re not a fan of visiting historical sites, we assure you that Greece has it all, from stunning beaches to massive mountains, so there are plenty of fun opportunities. 

We chose Corfu because it is dreamy and romantic, so it’s the perfect place for couples to travel to. You’ll be impressed by the architecture and vibes of the Corfu Old Town, while the Old Fortress, Angelokastro Castle and Vlacherna Monastery are a staple for visiting the city. 

However, what’s truly special about Corfu is the varied availability of sports activities. While there, you can snorkel in the Blue Lagoon, a Caribbean-like destination. You can also climb Mount Pantokrator and be amazed at the panoramic views over Corfu city. For more adventurous activities, there are scuba diving opportunities along the reefs, and beginner courses are available for anyone who is new to this sport. Therefore, Corfu is an excellent location for a honeymoon. 

Wrapping up 

If you’re tired of the cloudy days in the U.K. and want to get out of your comfort zone, we recommend a few amazing destinations that are totally different from what you’ve experienced until now. Of course, European countries couldn’t be missed from the top, but the U.S. also has a lot to offer when visiting famous destinations and seeing celebrities. Therefore, don’t be afraid to book a flight up to nine or ten hours because these are the most promising trips you’ll ever make. 

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