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Hiring Overseas Workers: What You Need To Know

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Explore the reasons why you should consider hiring from overseas by reading this article. Finding the right visa will help boost your business. Know that there are differences between certain visas. Prepare as early as possible in order to maximize your efficiency.

Reason To Hire Overseas

Consider the reasons as to why you should be looking to hire overseas. Utilize an untapped global market that is just waiting for your business to get involved with. Know that there is considerable value to be earned for organizations that employ overseas, such as getting in employees who can perform jobs that traditionally require specialist skills. This could be technical skills or language skills.

Fill in temporary vacancies that require a pre-existing skill. Look into a higher quantity of unskilled or lower-skilled vacancies due to a labor shortage if needed. Analyze your business to find out what it is you exactly need, and how much it could cost you. Hire during seasonal periods where you have more demand.

Different Immigration Visas

Understand that there are different immigration visas available depending on what you need from a worker. Benefit from specific permanent immigration visas for workers who already work for your company in a different country, and have done so for a long time. Consider the more specific visas available depending on what you require. Considerations for these visas that help qualify individuals should be analyzed and understood.

To gain entry to the country an employee could qualify for extraordinary ability. This can be for both immigrant and non-immigrant types of visas. Know that this will apply to those who are considered one of the most highly qualified individuals in their field. You can hire employees through a non-immigrant visa for professionals who are highly educated. Featured employees will require a bachelor’s degree, but it favors an advanced degree. This is known as a H-1B visa and will require sponsorship.

Looking for a short-term labor solution to a non-agricultural position will change things. Look towards a H-2B visa sponsorship. What is an H-2B visa? Farmer Law PC can explain this and work with you to gain sponsorship, and complete the process. This is a type of visa that helps businesses in America who work in non-agricultural positions fill labor work during seasonal periods. Popular examples include tourism, where hotel workers or restaurant staff need to be topped up to meet the seasonal demand.

Make Preparations

Start early in the search process. The process for both non-immigration and immigration visas, which have distinct differences, will be the same in this regard. It could take a few months to complete the application stage, and you will have different departments to work with. Employees will also have to contact the local embassy ahead of time. 

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