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How to Pick Out a Bathroom Vanity: Where Function Meets Style

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Bathrooms are spaces nearly totally dedicated to utility, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some flair when upgrading or designing a new one. If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom and make it more functional at the same time, you should consider adding a vanity instead of just a sink on its own.

Why Are Bathroom Vanities Important?

In simple terms, a bathroom vanity is a cabinet topped with a sink. However, it’s an important element in the bathroom for a few reasons:

  • Better organisation – You’ll have plenty of room to put your toiletries out of sight with drawers, shelves, and cabinets strategically placed. 
  • Additional counter space – You’ll be able to enjoy stress-free mornings with more counter space to store your hair products, cosmetics, and other essentials.
  • Improved aesthetics – You can make your vanity the main point of your bathroom by transforming it into a lovely accent item that will draw attention regardless of the style.
  • Greater bathroom shareability – Adding a new vanity could be the perfect time to add a second sink, which will make it much easier to share the bathroom with your spouse.

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Vanity?

Once you discover the variety of bathroom vanities available on the market ranging in styles, sizes, materials and configurations, this is the first question you’ll ask yourself. The following are some tips to help make your shopping experience less overwhelming and more fun. 

Define Your Style

Your vanity, as the focal point of your bathroom, embodies the overall design you want for the area. So for a fitted look, choose a style that complements your personal style.

Modern Vanities

Featuring clean, straight lines and a simple look, modern vanities are perfect for contemporary remodels. Available in a range of different colours and materials, including metals such as aluminium and stainless steel, it should be easy to find the right one to suit your taste and needs. A recent study found that most people buy a modern vanity unit for their bathrooms, with over 71% of people surveyed picking modern over traditional.

Traditional Vanities 

This vanity design includes features commonly found in classic furniture. They are often painted or stained with different colours ranging from brown to white tones, and have more ornate details, such as scalloped edges, turned legs, and hardware with intricate designs. 

Rustic Vanities 

By employing reclaimed—or reclaimed-looking—wood, this vanity produces an organic, all-natural effect. Warm stains, metal details, and intentional flaws give rustic vanities a lived-in appeal.

Coastal Vanities

If you want your bath to feel like a beachfront oasis, go for a coastal-style bathroom vanity. A white coastal cabinet against a bright coloured wall or a vintage navy blue vanity paired with crisp white shiplap will give a real fresh feel to your bathroom.

Farmhouse Vanities 

Available in a range of designs and colour options, a farmhouse vanity is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming bathroom space. Usually made of heavy solid woods, these vanities often feature a natural stain to show their grain. 

Industrial Vanities

If you are looking to achieve a more practical and modern look in your bathroom, an industrial-style vanity can be a great option. Its industrial look pairs well with minimalist and rustic aesthetics and when blended with natural elements, it can create a sleek statement piece in the bathroom. 

Colour vs Finish

When it comes to bathroom colours and finishes, there is a variety of options to pick from. Your choice, of course, will depend on your personal design preference. Whether you go for an attractive colour or a wood finish, both will add a touch of subdued elegance to your bathroom space. Popular vanity colours and finishes include:

White Vanity

White colour, with its timeless appeal, has the potential to be the bathroom’s ultimate design setter. A white vanity, with its clean accents and lines, blends seamlessly into any design aesthetic. Plus, white is a great option for visually expanding the bathroom space. 

Black Vanity

Make a dramatic statement in your bathroom using a black vanity. And don’t hesitate to incorporate a timeless classic aesthetic. A black vanity with spacious cabinets on both sides will look super opulent.

Grey Vanity

Grey is a trend colour in design right now. Considered the perfect neutral, a vanity in this shade can add grace and charm to any bathroom area. 

Wood Finish

A wood finish vanity has the ability to bring a rustic and classic look to your bathroom like no other.  Wood finish vanities are available in a range of natural shades that blend seamlessly with a variety of textures. 

Go for a Durable Material

With all the expenses involved in a bathroom renovation, you might be tempted to go for a vanity made from a cheaper material. This is a huge mistake you should avoid doing. Bathroom furniture is subject to humidity, moisture and heavy usage from households, so it’s a must that you go for a high-quality, durable material. 

What kind of material is best for bathroom vanity? Solid plywood, particleboard and laminate are some of the best performing materials for bathroom cabinets. 

Solid plywood consists of numerous sheets of wood glued together to form a strong and distinctive body that is durable and long-lasting. This sort of wood is much better at dealing with moisture than many other types of wood. 

Particleboard is a composite material used in many vanities. Though it’s a sturdy material, it needs to be covered up with a veneer or melamine to eliminate the risk of the particle getting damaged by moisture and steam. 

The laminate material features a smooth surface that can be painted in various ways. It can last for a long time without collecting water but could scratch if not treated carefully. 

Size Matters

A bigger vanity generally means more storage space, which can be great to help keep your bathroom organized. However, your decision shouldn’t be based on this factor only. It’s also important to consider the overall size of your bathroom and pick a vanity that fits comfortably within it. Installing a vanity that is too large for the space will make it feel less functional and comfortable as well. On the other hand, a vanity that is too small for the room will look lost in its surroundings. 

That said, based on the size of your bathroom you can choose a:

  • Single sink vanity – its compact size makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms;
  • Double sink vanity – a great addition for master bathrooms or bathrooms used by multiple people. Double sinks, as the name suggests, double the amount of counter space and the storage available. 
  • Wall-mount – these vanities are attached to the wall, leaving free space between the base and the floor. They feature a streamlined and modern design that makes the bathroom look more spacious – a great option for smaller bathrooms. 

Consider Maintenance

When shopping for a bathroom vanity you’ll want to find one that not only looks good but also performs well. For that, you’ll need to make sure the vanity top you choose is easy to clean and maintain. This will ensure the longevity of your design and ensure that your bathroom continues to look great as time passes.

  • Granite is a commonly used vanity top due to its durability and the wide range of colours and designs available. Naturally antibacterial, granite is a breeze to keep clean when used with the right sealer. 
  • Quartz also makes for extremely durable bathroom vanity tops. It doesn’t require periodic sealing to keep its beauty, and maintenance and cleaning are pretty easy. 
  • Marble is a beautiful and elegant natural stone also commonly used as vanity tops. If you’re considering a marble vanity top keep in mind that it requires a bit of upkeep to maintain its beauty intact. 

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