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How to profit from buying property in Pattaya?

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Apartments for investment in Pattaya can become a source of passive income. How to do it? Let’s consider all possible ways.

90% of real estate transactions in Pattaya are made to generate income. Pattaya and Phuket are the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. The flow of tourists does not stop throughout the year. That is why these regions are also popular with investors. Now these regions continue to be actively built up, take advantage of the opportunity to invest in real estate!

How to earn income from the purchase of real estate

There are several ways to generate income from real estate: quick resale, resale after a few years, and rental. Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods.

Buy and sell quickly

Fast resale – resale of the contract during the construction process or immediately upon completion of construction.

To do this, you must buy an apartment in a new building at the beginning of sales and the lowest price. Further, the price will increase with each new stage of construction. Before completion of construction and without the entry into ownership of the property, it is easier to issue the so-called “assignment of the contract.” You will not need to draw up a contract of sale and pay tax.

Pros: fast turnover of money, no tax payments

You need help finding a buyer quickly and have time to renew the contract for the buyer. In this case, you will have to register the apartment for yourself and then sell it already under a contract of sale.


You buy an apartment, rent it out and receive passive income. Then you wait for the right moment on the market (rise in real estate prices) and sell the apartment at a higher price (in 5-7 years).

Pros: in this way, for seven years, you can get an income of 30-40%

Guaranteed rental income

The method with the most reliable and constant passive income. After the purchase, it is necessary to conclude a guaranteed lease agreement for 5 – 10 years. In this case, you will receive a monthly fixed income specified in the contract, regardless of whether it is leased. In Thailand, similar services are provided by developers and management companies in condominiums.

Pros: regular and stable passive income. You do not have to look for tenants and worry about whether the apartment is rented. Typically, the contract states that utility bills are not charged to you; they are deducted from the rent.

Benefits of Investing

For foreigners in Thailand, there are good conditions for investing in real estate. There are at least five main reasons that make buying property in Thailand profitable:

  • A large number of offers in all price segments;
  • Reliability of construction companies;
  • Low real estate prices that are steadily growing year by year;
  • Excellent climate and warm sea;
  • The rich infrastructure of Thailand in general and Pattaya in particular.

The procedure for buying property in Thailand and Pattaya is simple and clearly defined by law. You can buy an apartment in a condominium and a house with a plot of land. The experts can help you choose the most promising property at an affordable price and complete all the paperwork.

An apartment or house (villa) bought now can be sold at a higher price in a couple of years. In addition, it is very profitable to rent out housing to vacationers. You need to remember the huge number of tourists who daily look for accommodation in Pattaya for recreation – after all, in the last 5-7 years, there has been an acute shortage of places in hotels in Pattaya, especially during the high season. This will allow you to receive income almost throughout the year; in this way, you will quickly return the money invested in real estate. Plus, you can come to Thailand anytime and enjoy a delightful vacation in Pattaya in your own house (villa) or apartment. This way, you can buy an apartment in Pattaya and rent it out. The buyer can always agree with our real estate company to manage his property, we will search for tenants ourselves, and the client will receive a stable income from the new apartment.

Assistance in buying property

Contact Thailand-Real.Estate today and look for the perfect apartment to invest in Pattaya! Specialists will help with choosing the perfect property in Pattaya or any other city in Thailand.

Aggregator specialists will answer all your questions and help you in the process of buying an apartment.

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