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How to Renovate a House When You Have Kids

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Kids are a force of nature in and of themselves. House renovation is an immense headache. What happens if you combine the two? A disaster of epic proportions. If you see this disaster coming in the foreseeable future, then brace yourselves – you are in for a rough time. But hey, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make house renovation with kids a little easier. In this little article, we’ll share with you a handful of tips that will help you create a house of your and your kids’ dreams and stay sane in the process. Let’s dive in!

  1. Always Leave One Area Safe and Kid-Friendly

House renovation is rarely a well-organized procedure, which means that more often than not a house turns into a mess. Materials, waste, and equipment everywhere. It’s so easy for your kids to feel like strangers in a strange land. That is why there should be a designated area in your house that would be untouched, uncluttered and always available for your children. It can be a whole room or a little nook in the living room where you could put a teepee with all your kids’ favorite toys in it. This teepee will be a safe house for your little ones who will definitely grow tired of the renovations going on around them. 

  1. Create a Connection with the Workers

In case you are not doing the work yourselves with your partner, the house is going to be occupied by random people at certain times. It is a good idea for your kids to befriend the workers. This will help both parties feel at ease. You little one can limit themselves with simple hellos or go as far as offer them treats of lemonade. You can even encourage your kids to help the workers with the little tasks that they can do. This will create a friendly environment in your otherwise slightly disrupted household.

  1. Plan the Renovation Way Ahead

Since we’ve already established that renovation is a nightmare, you have to come fully prepared to minimize the time and money spent on it. One of the best ways to do that is by planning the renovation beforehand – with a little help from your kids, of course. Do the planning with convenient house renovation software. A program of this kind will help you create a realistic plan of your renewed house, then decorate it with new materials for walls, floor, and ceiling, then furnish the place to your liking. You can even take a virtual 3D tour of your improved house to see if everything fits and matches. And since this is all virtual, let your little ones have a little fun with the program too. They might come up with amazingly clever solutions. 

  1. Establish an Easy-to-Grasp Routine

Kids love clear planning. They will never admit to that, but they do. And when something falls out of order, they feel uncomfortable. This is why it is crucial for you to incorporate renovation into your kids’ routine. Create a new agenda – let them know then the workers come in and when the loud noises start. Walk them through how the rest of their activities will be affected by the renovation. Then, finally, tell them when the construction work will be done for the day. Once you create this routine, make sure to stick to it – and ask workers to respect it as well. Once your kids know what to expect and when to expect it, they will feel much safer. 

  1. Don’t Disrupt the Things Your Kids Are Accustomed To

This is a tip that heavily correlates with the last one. Once again, make the renovation time safe for your kids and let them have some of the nice things they got used to. Is a Friday night a pizza night? Then stick to this routine. Do you always read to them before bed? Then never skip it. Help your kids however you can endure this time of renovation that is never easy on anyone.

And there we go – these have been the 5 doable tips that will help you renovate your home and keep your kids safe, occupied, and even engaged. So go ahead and call the contractor and tell them that your kids are eagerly waiting for them to start!

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