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Is your best option in terms of customer service and compensation? Let’s find out.

Among the most well-known British airlines, ranks third. The company operates from twelve UK airports and offers flights to more than 60 destinations. also takes pride in excellent customer service and compensation that adds to the company’s success.

But is customer compensation really that important when we’re talking about a moderately priced airline? Of course, it is, as it nurtures customers’ loyalty in the long run. In the post-pandemic race for recovering the competition is high and carriers opt for any possible measure to gain passengers and get back to the 2019 operational levels. scores high in the rating of companies providing excellent customer service according to the Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), and in this article, we’ll learn what brings the company to the top positions in the list.  


Overview of Airline Customer Compensation

What is “customer compensation” in general? The term refers to providing any kind of benefits to a customer when a service fails to perform as stated. In passenger air transportation compensation is provided in the case of:

  • Flight cancellation. Companies may offer a refund or an alternative free rebooking.
  • Flight delay. The delay period after which you are eligible for compensation is usually determined by the carrier’s policy. The compensation may be provided in the form of food vouchers, accommodation if passengers are forced to stay the night, or, in some cases, financial compensation.
  • Overbooking or denied boarding. The compensation may include refunding, booking on an alternative flight, and some other amenities.
  • Lost or damaged baggage. In this case, passengers are entitled to having the costs of replacing the lost items covered or, if possible, repairing them.
  • Downgrading. When a passenger is downgraded from the original booked class, the company may provide a partial refund or travel vouchers. 


The whole compensation mechanism is not solely regulated by airline operators; the legal framework in the UK and EU protects passengers’ rights to receive certain reimbursement in case they suffer inconvenience during their air travel. The main of them are EU Regulation 261/2004 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 

A good compensation policy is a huge benefit for passengers and a decisive factor when they choose an airline. Any operator may experience issues, and a well-regulated and clear compensation policy is intended to facilitate inconveniences and solve problems for customers.  

Additionally, a clear guide on how to claim compensation as well as many instances of seamlessly resolved issues contribute to a good reputation of a carrier, which positively affects its income. Reliable customer service is an advantage for an airline that aims to beat the competitors.

Jet2’s Compensation Policy Overview

Jet2 complies with the legal acts regulating customers’ reimbursement in case they experience issues during their journey. The company provides a detailed guide for customers outlining the course of actions and events that are the basis for compensation. 

Cancellation denied boarding and long delays: Passengers are entitled to compensation ranging from €250 to €600, depending on the length of the flight.

It’s important to mention that overall compensation procedures and size are pretty similar throughout the industry; therefore, the only way for operators to stand out is through the quality of their service.

Comparison with Other Major Airlines

Airlines develop their own guides, which include procedures and protocols to be implemented in case of major issues with air travel. While companies are not interested in declining much from what they are obliged to pay or provide according to the law, some points need highlighting while assessing airlines’ customer service. We’ll look at three companies: Jet2, Ryanair, and Virgin Atlantic. 

As was already mentioned, the money compensation is stated by the law, so there’s no difference. To spot a really caring service, we need to look at how various airlines approach information sharing. While Jet2 and Virgin offer comprehensive guides on issues that can be compensated for, Ryanair provides no such guide. The company is still subject to regulations and must compensate for disruptions experienced by passengers, but it is somewhat vague about nuances.  

One more point to consider is direct customer feedback. Jet2 and Virgin Atlantic are mostly talked about appreciatively, while Ryanair is notorious for its reluctant approach when it comes to financial reimbursement. 

However, all three companies provide sufficient measures to enter a conversation with the company or send a claim. To make the process even easier, use to get help with your claim. 

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Jet2 is one of the leading European airlines when it comes to customer satisfaction level. In 2023 it reported an 84.5 customer satisfaction score. Positive feedback about the carrier can be easily found online. It has 4,5 points out of 5 on TripAdvisor and reviews titled “Seamless” and “Fantastic customer service” are also there. 

Future Trends in Airline Compensation

What passengers struggle with the most when their experience with the airline is spoiled by disruptions, is the overly complicated process for claiming the compensation. In some cases, i.e., baggage loss, companies require a number of papers that might not even be in the customer’s possession anymore. How can companies solve the problem of disappointed passengers who struggle to get their compensation due to tricky fine print and multiple conditions?

It seems the only way to make the whole process easier is to automate the procedure as much as possible. Almost every airline provides customers with its mobile application that can be a base for further development of the digital means to proceed with claims.   


Streamlined customer service is a competitive advantage in the European civil aviation industry. It contributes to the reputation of the airline, and it seems that Jet2 understands it perfectly. The company is well-known for its high customer satisfaction index and according to statistics it helps the airline grow its loyal clientele exponentially  

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