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Laminate vs Luxury vinyl tiles

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A very common toss up in the flooring world, which exactly should go for and what are the differences between these two flooring types? Let’s have a look…

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl has been used in residential homes and commercial properties for years and it’s on the rise. Many of us associate vinyl with being outdated and ugly, but is has been revolutionised to create the highly sophisticated luxury vinyl tiles of today. 

Vinyl is very durable and will last for man years after it’s placed down. Ideal for rooms that see high foot traffic such as the kitchen. It is also scratch, stain and waterproof as well as being very easy to keep clean, with needing little maintenance – great for the daily grind! 

As well as all this, vinyl cam replicates pretty much any surface that it’s hard to tell the difference between it and natural products such as stone and solid wood. It is also very easy to install, with most vinyl’s coming with a click in lock system, ideal for those of us who aren’t too keen on D.I.Y!


Another worthy choice and is used in homes all over the world and again looks similar to natural products due to the fantastic photographic surface, 

It is also very easy to keep clean and will take a lot for it to start looking grubby. Laminate is an affordable option too, ideal if you need a quick practical fix or if you’re a first-time buyer and few on the pennies! However, it is only resistant to scratches, stains and water so be careful with which room you lay it in. 


Overall, both products hold very similar qualities. In terms of looks there’s not much difference in them. If you’re wanting something super durable and practical, then go for LVT, but if you need a cheap fix then laminate is a good shout. 

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