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Our Morning Routine with EnviroKidz

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As a full time working Mum, every second in the morning counts. The alarm is set for 6.30am, not that I need it because I am usually woken by the calls from the cot. We haven’t quite reached the ‘Mummy!‘ stage yet, but the babbling certainly sounds something like, ‘Get me out of this prison now!’

We have around an hour to get ready and of course, even though there are two of us here, most of the getting ready is left down to me…because it clearly doesn’t matter that I need to do my hair AND my make up!

I start by getting Dexter to the sink to brush his teeth. Dex still thinks this is a really fun game that involves getting as wet as is humanely possible, so I have learnt wisely over the past few months that this task must be undertaken first and certainly not while wearing clean clothes!

After teeth comes breakfast: the most important meal of the day. And I’m not just talking about for Dexter either. Without breakfast he turns into a whiny, screaming ball of tears and our commute to work is not pleasant in the slightest. This is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day: so I can have a stress free commute. Oh, and of course that it gives you energy for the day ahead and improves brain function!

When you are in a rush, there’s simply no time to be crushing avocados to spread over toast, no time to be standing over steaming pans of porridge bubbling away on the hob and no chance there’s time to make freshly battered pancakes topped with fruit and Nutella so I turn to the breakfast of champions: cereal.

Cereal was the breakfast of choice for me as a kid simply because of ease. You pour the contents into a bowl, top with milk and voilà; delicious and healthy food in an instant.

Recently we’ve been trying Envirokidz’s Choco Chimp cereal. It’s a vegan, gluten free chocolate flavoured cereal which comes with the promise that 1% of sales is donated to supported endangered species and environmental education for children worldwide. A cereal that’s yummy and helps the world? Sounds great to me.

After breakfast, it’s time to get dressed. Dex isn’t quite at the age where he can pick his own outfits yet, but luckily he has Mummy to choose him the coolest outfits so he is on trend once he gets to the childminders.

I let Dex play with his toy bus while I quickly throw on some make up, brush my hair and get dressed and then Daddy appears as if my magic by the door ready for his lift to work.

The three of us trudge downstairs to the car where we start the hour commute via Daddy’s work. As long as he’s in a good mood and well fed, Dex will spend the journey with his dummy, bunny and special cup, sat in the back, humming along to the tunes on the radio.

Phew! Up and out in an hour. It feels like I’ve done a full day’s work before I’ve even arrived in my branch!

Who are EnviroKidz?

EnviroKidz are part of the Nature’s Path family who are hugely successful over the water in the US and Canada. EnviroKidz was started by the daughter of two of the co-founders of Nature’s Path and was born out of her desire to give something back to Planet Earth. So far over $2.3 million has been raised for wildlife conservation and education which just goes to show how passionate they really are about protecting our children’s futures.

If you’re looking to buy some yummy cereal for your little monkey, Choco Chimps and Leaping Lemurs vegan and gluten free cereal is available from Tesco.

Share this post with your friends!


Tuesday 27th of February 2018

These look fab! Cereal is a big part of our morning as well - that and toast! What a good boy he is to deal with that hour commute :)


Tuesday 27th of February 2018

Sounds like some yummy cereal. Alessia doesn’t function without a bowl of cereal :)

Hannah | MakeDo&Push

Tuesday 27th of February 2018

Ooh this cereal sounds very yummy! Definitely something my two would enjoy xx


Monday 26th of February 2018

It's so good to find something they like do those daily morning rituals run smoothly. L is a tinker for eating in the morning and I've found he's happier not having anything for quite a while and then eating after the school run. Thank goodness we can walk everywhere - an hour commute with one potentially hungry boy and one often car sick boy would drive me crazy.

Abbie - Lilypad & Bow

Monday 26th of February 2018

You can't start the day without cereal! and this is the kind of cereal my two would love xx