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Popular Areas For Loft Conversions In London

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Thinking of adding a loft conversion to a property in London? In this article we highlight the areas most popular for loft conversions in London and why those areas are a great choice for your next renovation: 

Why A Loft Conversion? 

Loft conversions are an incredibly popular choice of home renovation because they come with so many benefits including: 

For lots of households, a loft conversion also provides the ability to remain in the same area and avoid moving house. This is quite the lifesaver if you love your area, neighbours, proximity to school, and your home, but you feel your home just lacks functionality because of a lack of space. 

A loft conversion can literally transform the home you live in into a bigger property that serves your needs without you needing to go through all the stress, expense and effort of moving. 

Why A Loft Conversion In London? 

Loft conversions are popular across the country as an alternative to an outward house extension. However, in London they are much more popular because of the following reasons; 

  • Many people do not have the outdoors space to extend outwards, and even if they do, they want to protect that outdoor space rather than building on it
  • The value of an extra bedroom in London is higher than in other parts of the country
  • The views from a loft extension in London can offer the average property a new sight line of interest above surrounding properties or trees
  • Planning permission for an outward extension can be difficult to ascertain in London, and many loft extensions either don’t require planning permission or it could be more likely to be approved because it doesn’t infringe on the property footprint

Many people also choose to live in London because of its thriving economy and culture, and to avoid a long commute. When functionality is what stops you fully utilising your London home and you are needing to look further afield for a property, a loft extension can give you that functionality back so you can stay in the place you love the most. 

Popular Areas For Loft Conversions In London

Across London loft conversions are a good idea. However, certain areas lend themselves really well to this kind of house renovation, in particular, South London: 

South London 

South London is where you choose to live when you want to be close to everything the city has to offer, but you also want a little bit of serenity and scenery at the same time. It’s particularly popular with young professionals, but growing families and friends who cohabit are also big fans of the area, which is close to all the hottest places to hang out in the Big Smoke. 

South London boasts an average property price of around £600,000 pounds, with the average house price sitting at £927,000 pounds. That’s a great reason to boost the value of your property with a loft extension, especially as the property values in the area continue to rise. 

Croydon, Bexley, Sutton, Greenwich and Lewisham are the most affordable areas to buy and the best primary schools are in Lambeth, Sutton and Merton. If your children are older, Croydon and Wandsworth also have exceptional Ofsted ratings. With an extra bedroom from your new South London loft conversion, you have plenty of space for your family to grow. 

When it comes to the economy in South London, the leading sectors are tourism, retail and creative industries, as well as hospitality, manufacturing and construction. You can also easily get to and from work using any of the ten tube stations in South London, or perhaps even the famous river bus! 

Some Of The Best South London Areas – 

  • Croydon – Great transport links and easy access to the capital
  • Sutton – Lots of green space and a relaxed pace of living
  • Bromley – Regarded as a safe area with exceptional commuter links 
  • Merton – Peaceful, family friendly and within reach of a lovely, green park
  • Richmond Upon Thames – Beautiful, green area with easy access to London whilst providing lots of breathing space
  • Kingston Upon Thames – A great shopping area, plenty of greenery and excellent schools
  • Wandsworth – Beautiful historic homes, great transport links and stunning riverside location 
  • Lambeth – A great place for young families and young professionals with a welcoming and vibrant social scene
  • Southwark – Culturally rich, full of beautiful greenery and very close to the capital
  • Lewisham – Vibrant street markets, commuter links and culture 
  • Greenwich – Full of stunning buildings, markets, eateries and cafes but known for being in high-demand with house prices that reflect this
  • Bexley – Friendly, welcoming and community led area with lots of outdoor space and amenities 
  • Clapham – Includes a stunning 220-acre common, a buzzing food scene and friendly social feel
  • Brixton – Great transport links, lots of new developments and a rich culture 
  • Battersea – Stunning green scenery, cafe culture and a friendly feel
  • Dulwich – Famous for its use us, pretty parks and highly rated schools 
  • Peckham – Highly desirable area with incredible eateries, bars and a trendy vibe
  • Wimbledon – Well known for its sports, as well as great museums, schools, public transport and eateries 

The reason that South London, including South East London and South West London , is under the spotlight when it comes to loft extensions is because it is such a quickly developing part of London overall. Over the last ten years the demand for properties in South London has soared as appreciation for the green spaces, easy proximity to the sights of London and the bustling culture and community of the areas draws in young professionals, entrepreneurs and young families alike. A loft extension in South London adds value, functionality and appeal to a home in an area that is growing in popularity by the day. 

Will You Extend Your London Home? 

If you are thinking of extending your property in London, do make sure you work with an experienced loft extension company. They will be able to not only provide you with exceptional results, but they can also guide you through the different laws and regulations specific to your area to ensure your extension is legal and safe. 

With the right London loft extension company you can have a functional, beautiful new space added to your London home to use however you wish, without having to compromise. 

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