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Space Saving Hacks for Small Offices That Will Spark Joy

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Working from home in a small home office can be challenging, especially when it comes to space. I’ve spent the last four years doing a mixture of office and home working in my digital marketing job and despite having a designated room for home working, space is very tight!

The designated room has a spare bed (for when guests come to stay!) shelving units to store our holiday towels and bedding and we somehow also manage to home a laundry clothes horse shoved between the bed and the desk. 

There are a few things you can do to make the most of your space and create a more efficient and productive work environment that I have picked up over the last few years to help improve life while working from home. Let’s take a look.

nicola working from home during the pandemic, on a google hangout with the team

Optimise Your Desk Layout

Start by assessing the layout of your desk. Position your essentials strategically, keeping frequently used items within arm’s reach. Consider using floating shelves to elevate storage and clear desk space. By having a well-organised desk, you create an environment that fosters concentration and creativity.

Embrace Vertical Space with Monitor Brackets

One of the most impactful space-saving solutions is to mount your monitors using brackets. A monitor bracket allows you to reclaim valuable desk space by fixing your screens to the wall or a vertical arm. This not only enhances the aesthetics of your workspace but also provides room for other essentials. Explore different bracket options to find the one that suits your monitors and desk layout.

Cable Management for a Sleek Look

Tangled cables can quickly turn a neat space into chaos. Invest in cable organisers or clips to keep wires out of sight. This small adjustment not only declutters your immediate surroundings but also contributes to a safer and more organized workspace. Neatly routed cables, coupled with wall-mounted monitors, create a visually appealing and efficient home office setup.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes. Desks with built-in storage, foldable tables, or wall-mounted desks that can be collapsed when not in use are excellent choices for small spaces. Opt for furniture that aligns with the overall aesthetic of your home office (or spare room!) while maximising functionality.

Utilize Nooks and Corners

Make the most of every available space, including nooks and corners. Corner desks are particularly useful in small home offices, fitting seamlessly into areas that might otherwise go unused. Pairing a corner desk with wall-mounted monitors creates a cohesive and efficient workspace, making the most of your available square footage.

Creating a Home Office You Love

Creating a home office in a small space requires thoughtful planning and strategic choices. By incorporating these space-saving hacks you can transform your limited workspace.

Spending 8 hours a day at a desk is hard enough without having to spend it in a room that doesn’t spark joy. With a few small tweaks you’ll have a functional and inspiring area that promotes productivity and helps you to stay sane while working from home

Share this post with your friends!