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Top movie locations filmed in Toronto

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Film production companies have greatly contributed to the growth of Toronto town as many of the filmmakers prefer the place due to its large number of historical buildings that makes the movie unique from the rest. Toronto due to its popularity and the overwhelming video production company it is now being referred to as Hollywood northSince Toronto is a popular destination for tourists, it has also been a popular destination for filmmakers. Why is that? There are places in Toronto where filmmakers need to give movies more meaning and lust. These locations are discussed below. After you’ve thought about creating or producing a video, you need to develop a strategy. Identifying the different locations and choosing the best location for your video needs is part of strategically planning your video. Here are some popular Top movie locations filmed in Toronto that you can visit when you fly to Toronto using Cathay Pacific :

 Distillery area

The Toronto Distillery District is a commercial and residential area of the city. The place has been featured in many famous films such as Cinderella Man and X-Men. These were the New Jersey docks at Cinderella Man and the X-Men concentration camp.

Toronto University

The University of Toronto campus has been a boon to the world of cinema because of its appearance. You may have seen this place in many excellent movies such as Untamed Genie, The Incredible Hulk, and others. The campus features make it a great filming location for the film industry and will give your film a huge boost because if you don’t have the right locations for your story, your film will fall.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma was built between the years 1911 and 1914 although many people confuse this with those castles that were built in the 18th century that were built in the 18th century Casa Loma was once a private residence, making it Canada’s largest residence. It belonged to the wealthy industrialist Sir Henry Pellatt.who was the first person to build the hydroelectric plant on the Niagara River The architectural structure of the residence makes this place a paradise for people. If you are a movie lover you will notice that Casa Loma has featured in many films among the most popular movies is X-men which was produced in the year 2000. if you would like to visit the place, the doors are open between 9 AM to 5 PM

Port hope

this town is not really in Toronto, as a matter of fact, it is an approximately one-hour drive away from Toronto town, It is also 100 km east which is along the shore of Lake Ontario. Although the town is far, it is a really beautiful town which is located in the rural area which is commonly known as the farmer market, the town is often liked by the filmmaker because of its uniqueness of much historical building, golf club, and yacht club. it also provides a good fishing point at river Ganaraska which flows in the middle of the town this uniqueness attracts filmmakers and one of the movies that featured this town in 2017 was blockbuster. a reliable mean of transport from Toronto to port hope is by train

Hearn Generating Station

If you like watching a movie or a TV show you must have watched a movie that is set in an environment that resembles like that of an abandoned factory. Some of those movies might have been created in a heat generating station. it is a former power station in port land which is a district in toronto, it is also worth noticing that it is not a tourist attraction site but majority of the people from urban area like coming to this area to explore and photographers as well this station has been for used music festival as well as holding big parties Hearn is mainly known as the city’s coolest movie also features contemporary movies such as Red ,Pacific Rim and Resident evil .it is also popular for television movie series 

Financial district

Toronto’s business district is known as the financial district. This place was a very special place for video production in Toronto because of the buildings built there. The Adelaide Bay Center was recently featured on the acclaimed television show SUITS. It was also featured on American Psycho.

Lower Bay Station

Lower Bay Station is one of the best movie location in Toronto .IT features some the popular movies such as ;Suicide squad and Total Recall.These are the most popular and biggest Hollywood productions to be filmed here .

The Royal York Hotel

Royal York Hotel is the most classic hotel in Toronto located on the front street and also act as Hollywood central for shooting blockbuster movies ,it was established in 1929 and up today remains popular for producing high quality movies This movie location has been prominent for production of movies such as where the truth lies ,max payne ,Red ,Serendipity , The killing fields and Cinderella man .The most used location is ballroom.

Yonge Street

Yonge street is one of the major tourist attraction in Toronto .it is the longest street covering 1900km and is a highway filled with history .Yonge street has been famous as movie production location .some of the contemporary movies filmed here are ;Suicide Squad and The Incredible Hulk .besides these there are also movies like confessions of teenage Drama Queen and also the Kick Ass 2.


Hollywood North refers to the film industry and locations in Northern Canada. Toronto is Canada’s largest film and television production center after Los Angeles and New York and the third largest in North America. State tax cuts at both the state and federal levels promote the city as the home of many American film productions. It’s cheaper to film and produce north of the border, which is why many Hollywood directors see the city as the ideal place to bring their projects to life. In addition to the financial benefits, the province has worked hard to develop a well-educated workforce and support infrastructure. Producers can film, edit, and animate everything in one place instead of going back to Hollywood. After a long trip to Toronto, treat yourself a relaxing beauty treatment and be ready for work again.

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