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Top Reasons to Go on a Family Cruise

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A cruise might not be the first thing you think of when planning a family holiday. Some people think of cruises as holidays for older people, but they can be great if you’re looking for family fun too. Many cruise ships are essentially floating resorts, and you also have the option of going on excursions when you come into port. Kids can have tons of fun on a cruise, and you can even send them off on their own to join a club or other activities. While there’s plenty for children, adults can also find their own fun and relaxation while cruising.

There’s a Huge Choice of Destinations

If you’re thinking about going on a cruise, you could explore a range of destinations to meet your needs. You could cruise around the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, for example, or perhaps you’d like to cruise around the Nordic countries. As well as ocean cruises, you could also consider a river cruise. River cruises might use smaller ships, but they still offer a lot to do and regularly stop at important towns and cities along the way. You can choose a part of the world that works for you and your family.

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It Could Be More Affordable Than You Think

You might think of a cruise as being very expensive, but it could really cost a lot less than you think it will. By choosing the right cruise and looking for some good deals, you could actually book a family cruise for a fairly affordable price. Of course, a number of factors can affect what you pay. You might need to time the purchase of your tickets smartly to get the best deal. It’s also worth considering that many cruises are all-inclusive, so you get most of the stuff you need for your cruise without having to pay for extras.

There Are Plenty of Family-Friendly Activities

Many cruises are very family-friendly. Of course, not all cruises are designed for families, but you can discover a range of them that are great for kids of all ages. Cruises can feature an impressive choice of activities, places to eat and drink, entertainment, and different ways to have fun. You can book a cruise that has everything your family needs, whether you’re the sort of family who will spend all day in the pool or going bowling, or whether you prefer going out on excursions to discover new things at different ports.

You Can Combine It with Other Activities

There can be plenty of things to do onboard a cruise ship, but a cruise is also perfect for combining with other activities. In addition to going on excursions when your cruise ship stops, you can also book other holiday fun around your cruise. You could plan to add a short cruise to the end of your holiday when you book with Ocean Florida. Or you could start your holiday off with a cruise and spend a few days in your last port of call. Cruises can be different lengths, so you can easily plan them as part of a longer holiday.

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Kids’ Clubs Are Great

A family holiday can sometimes feel like it’s a holiday for the kids, but not for you. You’re the one who has to do all the organising, the corralling, and managing behaviour because you don’t get a holiday from being a parent. But you don’t have to spend the whole cruise with your children. Kids’ clubs give them lots to do, keep them occupied and supervised, and give you time to yourself. So you can seek out things you want to do, whether it’s relaxing with a good book, having a glass of wine, or having a go on the surf simulator.

There’s a Big Choice of Food and Drink

You can worry about feeding the family when you’re on holiday, especially if you have picky eaters. But cruises can offer multiple options for food and drink, with everybody catered for. Your cruise will usually include the price of dining in some restaurants, with the option to pay for those not included. You can often find a variety of options, often with food inspired by the places where you will be stopping. But there are also standard kids’ menu options for the less adventurous so that everyone has something that they will enjoy.

An Easier Option Than Flying

Flying with your whole family is often extremely stressful. Trying to juggle all of your luggage and keep everyone happy is no easy feat. But many people find that cruising is much easier, whether you want to reach a particular destination or you’re just in it for the journey. You can leave from a port close to you and even get help with moving your luggage from your car to the ship. Speaking of luggage, you won’t have to be constrained by strict airline luggage limits, either. You can take what you need for the whole family for a more relaxed experience.

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Pick Accommodation That Suits You

You can choose accommodation on your cruise that suits you. There are inner cabins and cabins with windows and balconies, plus different sizes and levels of luxury. You can get a cabin that fits your whole family, with larger rooms and suites that have space for all. You can also benefit from extra lounging space if you need it, so everyone can sit and watch TV or do other activities without having to sit on the beds.

Plenty of Evening Entertainment

Sometimes you can find yourself at a loss in the evenings when you’re on a family holiday. The entertainment options can be limited and get a little boring. But there’s always something to enjoy when you’re on a cruise. Many cruise ships have nightly shows that might range from live music and comedians to musicals. There’s something for everyone and all ages too, including more adult activities.

A family cruise could be the perfect choice for your next holiday. There’s so much to see and do, and that’s before you even get off the boat.

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