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What material to choose for arranging your backyard

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To create a recreation area on the site, every homeowner wants to choose the best furniture for the garden. But it is worth evaluating not only the external beauty and cost of items but also what kind of care they will require in the future. Even the most beautiful and expensive furniture will not bring pleasure if caring for it takes too much time and effort.

Another important criterion is durability. Of course, first of all, this parameter is determined by the material from which the furniture is made, but how carefully and responsibly you are ready to take care of it also plays an important role.

Wooden garden furniture

Wood is the most popular material for making garden furniture to this day. Wooden bench dubai, bar furniture, beach umbrella, and swimming pool furniture made of natural wood fit into almost any interior, they become an excellent addition to the recreation area organized in the local area. Outdoor furniture made of wood will also fit perfectly into landscape design, the main style of which is country.

Wooden garden furniture must be hidden in a shelter from the rain, stored in a warm room in winter, and also treated with special compounds designed to protect the tree from mold, fading, bark beetles, etc.

In the open air, without proper care, even the most expensive and beautiful wood furniture is unlikely to live more than three years.

Plastic garden furniture

This is a universal material for garden furniture, according to many gardeners – the best: durable, unpretentious in maintenance, lightweight, etc.

Plastic garden furniture, thanks to its low weight and smooth surface, ensures safety when used by even the smallest members of the family.

IMPORTANT! The main advantage of this material is its low cost and wide range offered by the market. Garden furniture made of plastic washes to be of different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Caring for such things is elementary – it is very easy to wash, and in winter it is enough to remove such tables and chairs under a canopy to avoid deformation of the coating due to snow.


Garden furniture woven from rattan is a great option for those people who appreciate the aesthetics of objects and are not afraid of possible difficulties. Such furniture will make your recreation area as stylish and comfortable as possible. But be prepared for the fact that rattan is an extremely capricious material. For him, rain, the scorching sun, sudden changes in temperature, etc. are dangerous.

IMPORTANT! The woven fabric is subject to deformation during operation – this is an inevitable process.

In order to extend the service life of rattan furniture, it is necessary to: cover garden furniture in rainy weather, avoid falling into sub-zero temperatures and renew the paintwork in a timely and regular manner.

Proper care can extend the operational life of interior items up to 12-15 years.

Metal garden furniture

Metal is the most durable, durable and stylistically versatile material, garden furniture from which is practically not subject to deformation and is absolutely not afraid of severe weather. It does not rot, does not fade, and always looks elegant and stylish. Wrought iron garden furniture can last you more than 25 years.

Outdoor furniture manufactured by PARASOL meets the highest requirements and conditions.

In their store and on their website you can choose sofas and chairs, tables and armchairs, furniture sets, and additional items for them.

The quality of PARASOL brand furniture is at the highest level, both in terms of the materials used and the method of production. From the moment you buy PARASOL outdoor furniture, you won’t have to think about anything but leisure. A small child can handle furniture care simply by wiping the surface with a damp cloth. Assembly of furniture will not be difficult. All pillows included in the package are made of high-quality material and also do not require special care, but if desired, the covers are removed and can be easily cleaned.

The above information will allow the owner of the house to independently navigate the whole variety of garden furniture on the market. This will greatly facilitate the process of choosing the best and most suitable furniture for you, which will take into account all the individual requirements of the owner, the geological and weather features of a particular land plot, the taste preferences of the inhabitants of the house, etc.

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