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12 Creative Gifts for Your Travel Loving Friends

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You know your friends love travel, but, when it comes to gifts, what should you get them? Check out this list featuring ten of the best gifts for people with a constant sense of wanderlust.

Poster Prints

If your friend always reminisces about their past trips, why not make and order a custom poster print featuring photos of them on their adventures? Choose the design, layout, size and whether or not you want it framed. 

See if you can sneakily get access to the trip photos, and then surprise them when they see the print. Pretty soon, they will be able to gaze up at pictures of themselves eating fish and chips in England, riding a gondola in Italy, sunbathing in Greece, riding a camel in Morocco, standing in front of the castle at Disney, or wherever else they have gone. Personalized gifts for the win!

Water Bottle

Spending busy days on the go increases the need to hydrate well and often. Pick up something that they can use every day — a water bottle. There are numerous options from which to choose. Outdoorsy types may like a utilitarian bottle from an outdoors brand, while fashionistas may want one that comes in a trendy print. 

Consider ones with the ability to do additional things besides holding water, such as keeping drinks hot and cold, having a spill-proof cap and including a filter.

Blundstone Boots

Blundstone boots are one the world’s most recognisable footwear brands and make an incredible gift for your travel-loving friend. Their all-weather solid grip makes them the perfect foot to wear no matter where you’re travelling in the world.


After long day, or while they are on the road, a travel blanket will come in handy. Make it even more personal by putting their initials or a picture of a favorite trip on it. Choose one in classic fleece, or go the cozier route with a Sherpa style.

Travel-Proof Skincare

Taking care of skin is important every day, but especially when travelling. Get the jetsetter in your life something that will help prevent aging and sun damage. Win-win! 

There are many vitamin c serums to choose from. Pick one that has the ideal form of vitamin C for your friend, a concentration of at least 10 percent ascorbic acid, a formulation with skin-enhancing benefits and that is a good value for the price.

New Luggage

Goodbye boring luggage, hello upgraded travel bags! Frequent travelers appreciate a bag refresh, regardless of if it is a new foldable tote, a leather laptop case or a vibrantly printed suitcase. Splurge and get creative on something you think they will use in the years to come.

Travel Toiletries

Everyone needs travel toiletries. If your friend is into beauty, put together a travel-sized kit. Find small versions of their favorite brush, comb, shampoo, lotion, lip balm, sunscreen, concealer and powder. Put it all in a travel bag or makeup case. Bonus points if you include TSA-friendly storage containers!


Shopping for a bookworm? Pick up a guidebook or two so that your friends can do some research and get some reading in prior to their upcoming trips. Bonus points if it is by a trusted travel guide company, such as Rick Steves, Frommers, DK or The Unofficial Guide. Make sure you get some with detachable maps.

Customizable Map of the World

Since your friend likes to travel, it is probably a given that they have a map or a globe, so surprise them by taking things up a notch. Find a map made out of a dry-erase board or cork

Present them with it, plus markers or pins, so they can attach string, pins or write where they have been. It is a streamlined and classy way for them to document their travels, plus, it makes excellent home décor!


For an artsy pal, gift them with a journal in which they can document their trips. It could be a dedicated travel journal, with spots to write down what happened each day, and have spaces to include maps and other momentos, or it could be a bullet journal. Include fun markers and tape as well.

Portable Charger

Technology is a must when going anywhere, so gift them with a charger. That way, their devices can have enough juice to last through the day.

Choose one of these gifts to give to your besties the next time the occasion arises. Happy gifting


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