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[MARCH] Our Favourite Moments

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March was quite a strange month for us all. It was the month where the UK finally realised the severity of coronavirus and decided we should all do our best to stay home. It was the month where life as we knew it changed completely. Despite all these changes, as a family, we tried to make the best of a bad situation. It’s been tough trying to navigate our new normal, there’s been laughter, tears and stresses along the way. However, here are my favourite moments from March.

World Book Day

It feels like a million years ago now, but on 5th March we celebrated World Book Day. Dexter dressed up as Postman Bear from the wonderful Julia Donaldson books and Felix dressed as Wally from Where’s Wally. At the time, I was suffering with a viral illness and was off sick from work so couldn’t document as much as I wanted to due to fatigue and weakness. My illness lasted for a couple of weeks and I ended up self isolating much earlier than the rest of the country.

Dexter dressed as Postman bear for World Book Day

Moses Gate Country Park

At the beginning of the month, before falling ill, we visited Moses Gate Country Park in Bolton. The park was full of families enjoying the joys of early spring without an idea that life as we knew it was about to change. We enjoyed exploring the paths and the adventure playground before visiting a local bed showroom to try and get things sorted for our master bedroom.

Neil and Felix at Moses Gate Country Park

Felix on a swing in Moses Gat Country Park in Bolton

Master bedroom

Our master bedroom was decorated at the beginning of the month which we love! Unfortunately, we’ve not had the opportunity to sort out light fittings, a new bed and some shelves thanks to non-essential trips out being put on hold. We are using the time we have to make plans so that once the lockdown is over, we can get out and get what we need.

Formby beach

The weekend before quarantine hit the UK, we went to Formby beach to spend some much needed time outdoors. I’d just recovered from my viral illness and was grateful to be outdoors again. It was to be our last trip out as the UK was locked down the following day. Felix loved playing in the sand with his bucket and spade and Dexter brought his dumper truck to play with. It felt so serene and peaceful and I’m glad we were able to do this one last trip out before lockdown came onto force.

Dexter and Felix on Formby beach wearing orange coats and playing with Tonka truck

Felix on Formby beach with his tonka truck

April will certainly be another quiet month for us. We are all healthy and safe at home, making the most of our garden space. We hope that by staying at home for the next however long, we can protect the most vulnerable and end the lockdown sooner rather than later. It has been difficult transitioning to a life where we have to work from home with two small children, with only a garden to keep us busy. We know our circumstances could be a lot worse and are grateful they are not. Here’s to a happy, safe and healthy April!

Good luck out there everyone!


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