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10 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

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Moving to a new home is always exciting. However, people tend to forget the safety features in this excitement which may prove to be a serious mistake later on. Decorating your new place in Brighton might be more appealing but home security features demand equal attention.

Below listed are some essential but simple security features that are easy to implement and will offer top-class security for you and your family. Be sure to check these out after you move to your new home or if you want to secure your self-storage service unit. 

Pay attention to the doors

All the doors in your house should be strong and sturdy enough, regardless of the common conception that burglars don’t come in directly through the doors. In addition to that, all of them should have strong hinges to protect them from getting toppled over. 

Changing locks of all the doors in the house should be your absolute first priority after moving in. Who knows how many people have duplicate keys to the existing locks. Your safety is the utmost priority and changing locks of the doors is the first step towards ensuring that. 

Moreover, the addition of deadbolts also comes in handy as it offers superior protection to forced entry. If you have extra cash to spare, investing in smart locks is another viable option to consider. This tip is also valid if you have rented a self storage service in London or anywhere else.

Cover the perimeter with security cameras

The installation of security cameras cannot be emphasized more. This is an absolutely necessary security feature even if you think that your new home is already secure enough. Not only will you be able to monitor anyone suspicious around your house anytime, but you will also have video proof to catch them later on.

CCTV or security cameras come in a variety of types. Some offer local storage, motion detection, while others offer cool features such as motion sensors, night-vision sensors, real-time mobile app views, and much more. You can choose a set according to your budget and preferences. 

You should also install a security camera if you have a self-storage service facility in Brighton or near your home. This will add to the security of your self-storage unit. 

Mingle with your neighbours

When moving to a new home, it is always a good idea to get to know your neighbors. Securing your home is more of a community project rather than a singular effort. When you are interconnected with your neighbors and the community around you, there are far fewer chances of any burglary attempt. 

It also helps to spot any unusual activity outside your house since you will not be able to keep track of everything happening outside. Your neighbors in Brighton will act as a protective layer for securing your home if you have good friendly relations with them. 

Check your windows

Now that you have your doors inspected and strengthened, the next step is to check all the windows in your new home. After doors, the trespassers and burglars are most suspected to make use of the windows to enter your house. 

A simple yet most effective way to get an alert in case anyone messes with a window is by using a window chime. Anytime a window opens, you will instantly know about it. However, that might lead to noise pollution since the noise produced by them is shrill. 

Another option is the installation of window opening sensors or glass breaking sensors to alert you if anything happens. Also, make sure that locks on all the windows are working and free from any rust development. 

Inspect your garage

The garage is also one of the most favorite entry points for burglars since a majority of people forget to inspect their garage when they move to a new home. Always make sure that your garage is securely locked and shut every night. 

Garage door openers should never be kept inside the garage during the night or whenever your car is parked inside. If a garage door opener is present inside, it is just like handing an open ticket of your car to the burglar. Any window opening into the garage should always be covered to avoid anyone peeking inside. 

If you have a self-storage service in Brighton or anywhere, this tip would also be valid in securing the unit. You can also use a self-storage service to safely park your car if need be. 

Remove hiding places, if any

If your new house has a lush garden outside, there are chances someone can hide in the thick bushes during the daytime without you knowing. The best option here is to keep your lawn clean and tidy to avoid any such scenario. 

Trees near windows or doors should be trimmed down so they cannot provide extra hiding cover to anyone. Moreover, your gardening tools and especially ladders should never be kept outside. Keep them in your attic or in any self-storage service nearby. 

Keep your house well-lit

There is a reason why most of the robberies happen at night. A poorly lit perimeter of your house gives a huge advantage to burglars looking for a way to sneak up silently. If your house is well lit, a trespasser won’t dare come near it as they could easily be spotted. 

A simple solution to this problem is adding a whole lot of LED bulbs outside your house. They are bright enough and energy-efficient as well. A costly but highly effective solution is investing in motion-sensor lights that will only light up if there is activity nearby. 

Get a safe

As you just moved to a new house, gather all your valuables, and store them in a safe. It will not only help secure them but also minimise the risk of losing them in the disturbance of shifting and settling at a new place. 

If getting a safe is not an option, consider renting out a self-storage unit. Use this self-storage service to safeguard your valuables away from prying eyes. 

Add a peephole to all the doors

There is a chance that your new home does not have peepholes on its doors. Before moving, have peepholes installed on all doors of the house since it helps make your home secure. They are simple to add, you can easily do it yourself, and are not expensive either. 

Invest in Home Automation

The above-mentioned are all simple ways to secure your home; however, there are always some loopholes, and burglars are experts in exploiting them. So, why compromise on your security just for the sake of saving some bucks? 

In addition to applying above mentioned steps, investing in home automation will make your home ultra-safe from any kind of intrusion. Home automation, as the name suggests, will give you complete control of your lights, doors, windows, alarms, CCTV cameras, and pretty much everything you can think of. 

Whether you are present in your home in Brighton or not, you will get real-time alerts on your mobile phone in case of any intrusion and also the location where it is happening so that one can respond quickly and accordingly.

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