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How to solo travel safely around Europe

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Getting out into the wider world to explore the different sights and sounds that Europe has to offer can be an exciting experience. While there’s fun to be had going on holiday with family or travelling as a group, going it alone abroad can be particularly rewarding – the key thing is to know how to travel safely abroad when you’re on your own. 

Why should you solo travel?

Being able to go at your own pace and choose exactly where you want to go can give you an amazing sense of freedom. While travelling as a group, you can sometimes have to compromise on what you want to do and end up missing out on attractions you were looking forward to. 

There’s also more room to be spontaneous when travelling solo, as you can always jump on a train to Europe, plan as you go, and follow where your heart wants to take you. However, planning is important for staying safe and making sure you don’t end up in a difficult situation.

Planning your route

Planning out your route before you travel will make it easier for you and others to keep track of your travels. Knowing where you’re headed ahead of time can help you to get cheaper rates on train tickets and accommodation, but it can also help you to stay safer as you won’t be left looking for anything last minute.

When beginning your travels from the UK to Europe by train, you can get the train to London and then jump on the Eurostar to take you over to France or Belgium – which ever you’d prefer to start your trip from.  

By letting someone know your intended route and roughly when you will be arriving, they can check to make sure you’ve arrived at a time when you’re likely to have Wi-Fi. Having regular check-ins with family back home can help both you and loved ones feel reassured about your safety. 

How long do you want to stay in each place?

Looking ahead at all the attractions you might want to visit can help you figure out how long you might want to spend at each destination. 

Once you have an idea of how many days you’d like to spend at each destination, booking a hostel, hotel, or Airbnb in advance can give you more choices. For female travellers, hostels usually have a choice between mixed dorms or female-only dorms so you can pick the accommodation you would be most comfortable with. 

Having a place to stay at your first destination booked in advance will give you a great starting point to explore from and remove worries about finding somewhere with vacancies. Waiting until the day before to book accommodation can leave you with fewer options, some of which might not have the best reputations.

European destinations for solo travellers

Europe has a fantastic selection of cities for solo travellers, giving you plenty of opportunities to find brand new experiences which are all conveniently accessible via Europe’s rail network:

  • Portugal has great beaches and waves if you fancy trying out surfing.
  • Amsterdam offers a blend of interesting museums and vegan cuisine you can uncover as you cycle around the city.
  • Budapest’s nightlife is vibrant and unique with thermal baths perfect for relaxing the next day.
  • Vienna possesses a fascinating history that you can get up close with by visiting key historic landmarks.
  • Bologna is the place to be if delicious dishes and culinary expertise is what you’re looking for on your travels.

Wherever you plan on travelling to, or how you plan on travelling, such as doing a walking holidays Europe tour with a company such as, booking things in advance will help you to stay safe and give people a better idea of where you’ll be. Travelling solo is a great opportunity to discover more about yourself, so keep an open mind and plan what you can.

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