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4 Exciting Ways to Revamp Your Family Home

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As life returns to some form of normality after three subsequent lockdowns, many of us are turning our attention to what work we can do in the home to revamp our space and make it work better for us during the ‘new normal. 

Revamping your home won’t just benefit you in the short term, it can also add lots of value to your property price which could give you a nice little payday when it comes time to retire, or for you to leave to your kids when the time comes.

Let’s look at four exciting ways you can revamp your family home and let me know which one you’d love to do the most!

Build a new staircase

We’ve kind of ignored our staircase for the last five years, hoping the kids will ignore it too as they’ve grown from babies, to expert stair climbers. We’ve done everything we can to toddler proof our home, including putting baby gates on the stairs, so this is one area of the house we know needs a big revamp.

Staircase manufacturers can design the staircase of your dreams, turning a boring old hall, stairs and landing into a luxurious area of the home that really showcases your interior design styles. Stair banisters offer the perfect finishing touch and are of course an essential requirement when you have little feet plodding up and down the stairs. 

Extend your kitchen

Did you know that during lockdown, the kitchen became the place to be within the family home. We all spent so much more time in the kitchen than we did in any other room in the house. With that in mind, an excellent way to revamp your home is by extending your kitchen. 

Create enough space so the whole family can be in the kitchen at once. Invest in skylights to bring extra light into your home and set up a breakfast bar so the whole family can sit together and chat about the day ahead. Who knows, it could even add thousands of pounds worth of value to your property too!

Get a new front door

One incredible way to spruce up the front of your home is by investing in a new front door. There are a huge range of options out there from composite to wooden to uPVC. You can also paint these doors in a range of colours to match your own personal style.

Of course, no front door would be complete without a wreath hanging that complements the outdoor season. I love wreaths covered in pine cones and orange leaves in the autumnal months; wreaths made of holly in the winter months and bright floral wreaths in the summer using yellow sunflowers and pink peonies. 

Get a loft conversion

A loft conversion is the ultimate dream. All that extra space to create a new bedroom and possibly even an extra bathroom! Loft conversions are also a fantastic way to get extra light in your home with the use of skylights. Just imagine waking up naturally to the rising sun each morning! Bliss!

Not convinced to need yet another bedroom to clean? What about a working from home office space? Or a home gym? Both are essential needs for this family as we adapt to life in a pandemic. With me now working from home more than ever, having space to store my computer and desk is as much needed as the spare room we converted into a bedroom for people to stay over. 

A loft conversion is also sure to add lots of value to your home! 

So, which is your favourite way to revamp your family home? Let me know your plans in the comments below.

Share this post with your friends!