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5 reasons why care franchises are popular

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Operating a care franchise is as much about using your own skills, personality and drive to enrich the lives of others as it is about running your own business.

You might choose to deliver care services to people in their own homes or might establish your own care facility. You may already have a background in recruitment and invest in a business that provides staff to other organisations, or you might choose to specialise in looking after certain types of people, such as those with a learning disability or dementia.

Whatever route you choose, here’s why care franchises for sale are incredibly popular right now.

The coronavirus pandemic asserted how important key workers are

Like never before, the Covid-19 crisis highlighted to the world just how crucial frontline care and key workers really are to us all. Care organisations went above and beyond to make sure the most vulnerable in society were looked after.

There is renewed recognition as to just how essential care services are. That fundamental shift into ensuring care workers and the organisations in which they work are rewarded means now is the perfect time to invest in a care franchise.

The silver tsunamis are with us

That we have an ageing population is an inescapable fact. People are living longer lives, and the baby boomer generation is turning 60 and older.

With age comes more health conditions, which can often be complex. These people will increasingly require care services to keep them safe at home, live active lives, or offer residential services.

The need for care services has never been so high, and it will only continue to expand. There is also a push for more personalised services that are flexible and meet the needs of people in the way that they want them to be. That means when you’re starting out in a care franchise, you can tap into that demand and deliver person-centred services to a small number of clients as you continue to grow.

Care is a highly rewarding career choice

If you currently work in a caring role or within such an organisation, then buying into a care franchise means that you can deliver services to people in a way that matches your own vision and ethos. As a business owner, you will be leading your own staff in providing care in the way that you know is of the highest quality.

If you are new to the industry, then a career change into a rewarding sector that makes a difference in people’s lives can bring an entirely new lifestyle with unparalleled career satisfaction.

When you put your own investment, time and dedication into a business, the satisfaction from delivering valuable and much-needed services into local communities is immeasurable. You will be helping some of the most vulnerable people in society to live rewarding lives.

An affordable and scalable investment

Startup costs to enter some areas of the care industry can be high. Investing in a property to operate a care home requires substantial sums of money.

Franchising offers a relatively low-cost route into the care sector. The investment required to buy into a care business tends to be low as franchising companies recognise that it is the individual and what they can bring to the industry that really matters. A care franchise is immensely scalable, meaning the business grows as you and your reputation do.

Franchising makes sense for caring people

The care sector is unique. At its very heart, it is all about people. What makes a great care manager isn’t necessarily someone with bags of business acumen. For that reason, the franchising model is perfectly suited for people starting a care business.

You will receive extensive training and support from your care franchise manager. This will be in every aspect of running a business, hiring and managing staff, and delivering services. You will benefit from an already established brand name with marketing materials and existing networks to learn and identify your own opportunities.

You will have access to proven systems and resources. The care industry is tightly regulated. Robust legislation and regulation exist to protect the most vulnerable people, and there are rigorously applied national quality standards to which businesses must comply. The myriad of policies, procedures, and documentation required can be daunting for the first time business manager. That’s why buying into a care franchise makes sense as you can tap into ready established resources to concentrate on developing your reputation, developing great staff and delivering fantastic care services that keep people safe, well and able to live their lives in the way that they want.

Care franchises are one of the numerous types of businesses which are not only recession proof, but are always in a constant growing demand. Nearly 25% of the UK’s population are over 60 and many other countries also have a similar statistic. Therefore care franchises are a fantastic market with many opportunities to suit everyone. 

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