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4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Chip Packaging

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When it comes to the best packaging, different products demand different solutions. For food products, locking in freshness is essential; therefore, the packaging must prevent air leaks and moisture seepage. That is just the beginning, though. In the search for the perfect packaging for chips and other snacks, custom printed stand up pouches boast a number of vital features:

  1. Resealable zippers for customer convenience and satisfaction
  2. High-definition colors and graphics for attracting attention
  3. Options such as hang holes for displaying the product
  4. Durable materials for puncture-resistance

These enhancements help your food product excel in a competitive market. Handsome and useful features attract the attention of new customers. They also keep reliable customers from coming back by making sure your chips are always fresh and tasty. One bad experience can be costly in the snack realm.

Types of Packaging Available for Chips

Your company’s needs may change and shift over time, so it is nice to have a few options for packaging. You can experiment a little with how you present your product to potential customers. Toward this end, options such as roll stock, stand up pouches or lay flat pouches are there to provide a fresh look. Features such as child-proof and sustainable packaging are also popular. When it comes to high-quality materials, custom smell proof mylar bags are super desirable for snack, herb and supplement products. These bags incorporate important innovations:

  • Anti-counterfeit QR codes
  • Sustainable printing designs
  • Odor and moisture resistance
  • High-barrier properties for enhanced freshness

In the past, custom packaging products took a long time to produce, but digital printing technology streamlines the process for greater versatility and speed. This means you can expect your product to ship within 15 days. You can also incorporate design elements such as tear notches, transparent or clouded windows, custom-sizing, metalized films and vapor barriers. Freezer-safe materials, a variety of attractive finishes and recyclable and specialty laminate films are also a possibility. The end result is superior packaging with unprecedented speed. A fast process allows you to bring a new product to market quickly or to capitalize on timely promotions.

Keeping Chips Crispy & Fresh

If you’ve gone through all the hard work of creating a tasty, popular product, you want the packaging to keep your momentum going. High-definition colors and graphics look good on the store shelves or on the computer screen. This will entice consumers to buy your product, while good-tasting chips will keep them coming back for more. With advanced features and materials, your goals can be accomplished without sacrificing the freshness of your chips.

The principles of quality packaging extend to many different types of products. Cheese, jerky, pet foods, naturals and organics and health and beauty all benefit from new technologies. Coffee packaging bags help you move your product by providing space to get out your message. By using the entire package as a billboard, including the front, back and sides, your company can tell the story of how your brand came to be. This sets your product apart from others and invites customers to give it a try. The right packaging plays a powerful role in your company’s success.

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